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  • Heyy,
    Someone found out about it on here and told me about it and someone else told me about it.
    Yea i just looked n saw it.
    Hi u replied to my bout the creative ball do u know anything about it p.s howd u get ur profile so

    Kickin kays
    Yeah.....there's a lot of people I'd like to take one to and most of them are on here LOL. xxx
    :lol: you'll have to get behind me in the queue. I am seething tbh, and this was the last thing I was needing at the moment! Thanks hunny :hug: xxxxx
    It ok dont worry hun,
    i have decided do it from home with having 2 small kids, at least i can work round them.
    i wish you were not so far away would have love to come to the launch it sounds fab.
    i am sure you will have a fab nite hunny
    Thanks! its hard to believe I've been open a year next week! I got the chairs from Hollywood nail supplies, dealt with them on n off for years for airbrush bits and cheap files. I met them at Excel and it was all very easy to get sent to me, had no major problems. I did look at Sina (?) they have good affordable chairs.
    Lisa if you want a model for anything or just an extra pair of hands let me know I would love to pop over to give you a hand xxxxx
    Wow, Lisa, that would be great! I will be in Aberdeen from Friday. My husband and I am going to be tourists Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday he will be working from morning to approx. 5-6 so I will have a lot of time on my own. What day and time would be the best for you? Hug C.
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