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  • not a problem hunny, I'll do 3d flowers and whatever you like, just let me know and as long as I can crash at yours on the night or tell me where I can stay xxxxx
    hi there - just read it lol! thanks for the comment about my salon :) Dont know if i`d be up for giving demos or anyhing as I have only been doing nails a short time and would prob fall to peices lol. but would be nice to pop through (if I can get sitter for kiddys) and offer a bit of geek support - let me know when it is and I will see what i can sort out would be nice to meet you! x
    Haha, if you give me the direction on how to come to you, it would have been nice to see you/your salon and have a "nail-play". I don't mind showing you anything as long as it's with gel. I am NOT a l/p girl, although I have to learn it up to competition-level until September...:-/ If you do l/p you can teach me! (I am cheeky too...:)) Hug C.
    I would have loved to hun, but it is a bit far for me hunny. You and Debs have a great time on Sat night and have a wee drinky for me. xxxxxx:hug:
    Sorry just did a Debs and posted to myself :lol:
    I passed both last night just one to go which is my mum so should be fine its on the 24th I think!
    Its fine its my own fault for not being organised and leaving everything to the last min!
    I didn't realise it was Sat night! :lol: What am I like blonde or what! I'll find out from Karen what your plans are but I'll likely need an early night for getting up for Sunday, lightweight that I am! xxxxx
    Awwwwww that's a shame that I am working today, would have loved to meet up with her. Saturday sounds fantastic hun, but I am working again! Grrrr Clients! :lol: xxxx
    Not sure Fi would be to keen as she lives in Ayr dont think I would make it that far :lol:
    Its fine dont worry about it I dont mind driving down on Sunday :hug:
    Omg Lisa there is no way you would embarrass yourself or CND your work is beautiful god I wish I could do half a good as you so strop fretting!
    Yeah I was in a panic about a model until Fi said she would do it con condition I did 9 not 10 fingers ouch!
    Mnmmm coming down on Sat sounds pretty good it would be great to catch up I will see what hubby says later and are you sure it would be ok to stay with your dad?
    Hi from the other side :lol::lol:
    I had a look at your comp nails I cant comment really as I don't know what is required but I can tell you they are good!
    Take what has been said in the thread but to be honest I don't think they need a lot of work done on them.
    Well done xx
    Didnt realise I needed a model! Not sure I will be able to get one by sunday.
    Normally I take my mum but she already has nails on.
    I will have to get thinking about who to get.
    Omg I would love a massage no one here to do one sadly :(
    It will be fab to see you all on Sunday if I get a model that is!!!
    Debbi facebooked me on saturday to tell me to do it lol
    I am going to give Heather a call today to sort things out.
    Im doing better now still not 100% you know just something doesnt feel right?? My neck and shoulder is playing up a bit.
    hi hun hows things?
    Are you doing the Skill Building on the 15th and 7th?
    i am thinking of doing it still not sure.
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