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    Pro Impressions e-file vs Kupa Mani Pro?

    Hi Tracey. You might want to also consider the Erica MT20. It's available right here in the UK from Young Nails, so you could have it next day delivery. They also offer a great servicing and repair service...steve at head office knows it inside out!! I wouldn't be without mine. Something else to...
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    KSI (Young Nails) nail tech course?

    Hi. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Kelly is an amazing educator. I work alongside her at Young Nails, she is one of our longest serving Educators and has a fantastic reputation. I am certain you will love her and the products. Good luck with your course, you will not be disappointed xx
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    Nail Harmony or Young Nails?

    Hi, Just to let you know there is a Young Nails Training centre in Montrose, just an hour away from you. If you have any questions or I can help with anything, please feel free to contact me. Lisa x
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    Protein Bond

    I'm assuming you are using Young Nails?? Whilst it's not absolutely essential, if you use the products as you were trained, you will avoid problems along the way . ;)
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    Any geeks near me-Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire?

    Hiya, I'm in Montrose at Polished Nail Boutique. :biggrin: . I can do it for you if you'd like. x
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    Rockstar nail training

    Hi there, Young Nails do rockstar and twinkle toe training :wink2: Look at the website for a list of courses and a list of national trainers. Young Nails Cleaned Up ! - Young Nails - Throughout England and the UK Hope this helps :D
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    Young Nails gel French help

    Hi Kiwi, not sure how this is happening. Can you explain your application to me and I'll see if I can help? :wink2:
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    Help with choosing manicure range

    Look at the 'Lomasi' manicure/pedicure range from Young Nails. It's beautiful, especially if you want that high end look :D
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    Doing your own nails with Gelish

    another good tip is to start with the hardest hand, so if you are right handed paint that hand first, take your time and do the entire procedure on one hand then do the other hand. :D
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    Pre-ordering new shellac

    Im pretty sure they are not an authorised anything....but I could be wrong! Im sure someone from CND will clear it up soon enough. I too will be waiting for the September launch ;)
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    Violent lips!

    I ordered from the Violent Lips website, they arrived in under 3 weeks, but the postman didnt deliver....I had to go to the post office to collect and pay a £15 import tax bill:cry: Unexpected...but the product is fab ;)
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    Pre-ordering new shellac

    I would be very careful advertising that site on here, they are NOT a legal distributor for CND in the UK...if they are genuine products they have been obtained or are distributing illegally! It is my understanding that the ONLY legal distributors of CND products are Sweet Squared and Ellisons.
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    Advice needed from techs who offer both Shellac AND Gelish

    Hi Lisa I haven't used both systems, I cant see past Shellac!...but just wondered if you were aware you can layer your Shellac colours to make many more colours! We do this with great success in the salon. Shellac are also realising 12 new gorgeous shades in March next year, including the...
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    nsi acrylic problem

    Sounds to me like your ratio was probably out, and all the powder had not been absorbed by the liquid. If you were trainined with Le Chat and want to switch to another Company, a conversion course is always advisable. Not all systems work the same, NSI is a good product, but its not gonna work...