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    VTCT microblading

    Hi all does anyone know when the VTCT level 4 is coming in for microblading? I'm half way through my phibrows course and now bit worried! I do have NVQ 3 in Beauty but not 4. Has anyone got any more info please? X
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    I know lashbase don't do training themselves but they do have a list of trainers they use for lash extensions.Has anyone tried anybody off this list? And does anybody use lashbase for lifts or extensions, so what are they like?
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    Lash technician?

    Hi all just wondering how many of you just specialise in lash lifts, extensions or/and microblading and how busy you are and how you went about getting clients? X
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    Dashing Diva

    Hi I have recently bought some Dashing Diva and love the neatness of them but can't get them to stay! I apply them with gelbond as suggested and don't use there base and top coat but use my gel but still they lift and also separate at the free edge, what am I doing wrong? I have had mine on a...
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    Dashing Diva French wrap

    Thanks for the reply. Do you base and top coat or just top coat?
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    Dashing Diva French wrap

    Hi I've been looking at gettinga french wrap kit from Dashing Divabut have got a little confused as it states it comes with base and top coatsand notice everone on here seems to use it with gel. Does nobody use whats in the kit and if not why not? Thanks.
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    Hi just wondered if anyone is still using LeChat Nobility/soak off polish or whether they've changed brands.I have a few colours in the soak off but can't decide whether to change brands completly? Thanks.
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    ASP soak off?

    Hi just wondered if anyone has tried ASP salon services soak off colour gel and if so what's your experiences? Had an offer come through which includes 26 colours,4 brushes,bottom/top coat and lamp.Thought it sounded a good offer. Thanks.
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    Tell them to "forget it?"

    I work at a salon offering nails and tanning elf employed for 18 months now,but only go in when got clients as I have got children and it's very awkward.Anyway the salon want beauty therapist to work more hours as the one they have already has cut her hours due to the rent going up. I have...
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    Can we still get Le Chat from Uk?

    Hi I've been looking but can't seem to find anywhere to buy Le Chat from in the UK. Does anyone know if anyones selling it here? Thanks
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    To Refund or not?

    If they didn't bond and just fell off should I offer a refund then? I'm under the impression that clients got them all off now from what owner said.My gut instinct tells me somethings not right with her story.When I told her about my mediumship and healer she started rattling on about how she's...
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    To Refund or not?

    Put a set of gel nails on new client on 6th August as she was going away for a week.Well phoned salon today as I go into salon on Thursdays to see if I had any bookings and owner told me lady had phoned and said mostly all her nails had come on before she went away! She's booked back in for this...
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    Nail snapped,client was cleaning!

    Hi did a set of nails last night and client told me she was cleaning all day to day.I gave her aftercare advice and off she went.Today she phoned salon saying one has come off.I only work at salon Thursdays and rest of week from home.The salon is 8 miles from where I live so now have to go over...
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    Le Chat v Ezflow gel it alternatives

    Hi just wondered if any body has tried the new Ezflow gel it alternatives and how it compares to Le Chat's soak off?
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    Tagline help.

    Hi I've relaunched my business with the name Ultimate Beauty,but would really like a good tagline.The ones I have so far are: Putting you first. Experience the difference. What do you think of these and can you think of anything else? Also colour scheme for business cards etc. do I go...