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  • Heeeeeey Mona !!!! Thanks for visitor message. How are you? Sending big hugs and Love x x x x
    Mona I could do with a reminder also.. a while ago you told me the best paints to use for body etc.. I lost these liks from my bookmarks eeep xoxoxx
    Heyy I just headed straight over there, congratulations on your Kryolan competition win woohoo that is just what you needed! I will read more, having a coconut snack and break before I go and collect Jack from school. Hope all well for your family Mona super best wishes to you xoxo xx
    Hey Mona hows it going! Hope all is mega ultra fabulous for you all your way, Rachel xx xx xoxo
    Ahh I'm glad there good.woop woop how exciting I bet it was great.ooh are you where are you going for the comp that's awesome well done you.xxx
    I know I don't have Facebook :(.I speak to Lee quite often seeing her tomorrow I believe.how have you been then how's boys xxx
    Ah your always very welcome Mona <3 I am up late sneaky cup of tea... then crash out I think for Zzz xoxo
    Hey Mona,
    Body art sounds fab, lucky you. I've bought my ticket and have hotel booked, I'm just waiting on hubby to confirm that he's in the country to look after the kids!
    Fingers crossed!
    Hey Mona,
    Happy New Year, hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Are you going to The Event?
    Hey Mona, thanks for message, and hope Bridgend was a blast! I thought you had already been - typical me :D Let me know how it went xoxo
    Hya! Its was lovely meeting you today, im so tired now,just relaxing, , let me know how u get on, im definatly going to invest in the hot wax snd love the metal spatulas too! Xx
    Thats ok Mona, I think it would be better to have free time anyway, cup of teas and stuff is fine with me! Will keep you posted on that and if you know you got free days let me know will try and arrange. Just got in from Skyfall it was fab have you been to see it yet? xx
    Cool Mona, keep me posted on it.. for visiting Oxford days good for me are Weds, possible some Tues, Mondays are out for me at the moment. Look forward to catching up xxoxo
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