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  • Ah body paint will be cool, I can get to Bridgend by train easy peasy if its any good? Could also plan OX or Bath !!! Up to you xoxo
    Hey Monalicious have not seen you about in a while, catch you soon hope to meet up before christmas maybe do some festive shopping and cuppa/cake.. see u soon xoxo
    Where are ye? Im going to be at the lash bars for the next while. Call my daufhters fone if ye would like to meet! 07849370280. ;-)
    hi mona, yes we should meet. my number might not work there though as it's an irish number. could we log on to SG and organise a spot to meet at on the day?
    Hiya huni yes it's very exciting Lees a lovely gal very funny to we are going to have to all meet up some when arnt we.are you going to Olympia in September.I bet you are enjoying time with your boys.I'm really buisy at the salon working 11 hour days for two weeks lol I'm shattered.Haven't spent alot of time with Billie but I've got tomorrow off because of the bank holiday so that's going to be nice.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Woooohoo cant wait, it is going to be such a fab day, not so bothered about the shopping but totally bothered about catching up with a super fab face painting nails pal <3 xxx
    Yessss Sunday! I will see you there, coming along with my nail tech pal Jo we must arrange to find each other on the day and catch up wooo xx I am excited now !!
    Hey Mona, are you going to the Olympia Nails thing? I will be there let me know if you will go xoxo
    I know, I go on and on about oil so much, but who knows what they do at home ?! I might come to you for my nails sometime, they look really good on your pictures!xxx
    Hi Mona, yeah thanks I'm ok! I was annoyed with GelColor last night, am now I'm wondering if she will oiling like she said?! Ive also had a new client last week, 2 this week and one next week so I'm just really hoping that the GelColor is going to last. Shame we live so far apart, I could experiment on you, 2 weeks oiling and 2 weeks no oiling! Mine never chip though so I don't understand!
    Anyway How are you getting on with the Shellac? Have you been busy lately? xx
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