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  • Aw I am so sorry to have missed you, visit again soon :) Have not visited my mum - not sure I will be able to this year :/ Bummer! Catch you soon xoxo
    Eeeek have you been to Cardiff? Have I missed you? :O I have not logged in here for a long time next time please mail me of call, you have my number I think - drop me a text or something so I know its you. Hope all is super good xxx xx
    Hi Mona, It was lovely to meet you too! Was a good day. Did you buy the kit?xx
    Ah so lucky! I heard the price of living went up. My aunt always complains about it to my mom lol I do have a FB but I turned off public search. You can pm me your email if you'd like and I can add you that way :)
    Omg ur so lucky! And sawatdee pee mai :) I think I will go to Laos for water festival in 2 years or so. I'm saving up right now for me and my mom. So how was it? Did you load your bags full of goodies to bring back? :D
    Yeah it was amazing, the educator is so talented its un real.. send you pics in a mo and glad you are good and well your end xxx
    Hey Mona hows it going? I did the one stroke painting class it was a maaaaaazing, I learned so much in just one day.. will email you a pic of my first attempts! Hope all is well for you your end, Rach xoxo xxx
    Ah thank you xx I am excited for all of the amazing pics! If people upload them to my FB page I may run a competition!!
    I've got some sponges but still seem to get in a mess. Maybe I had too much scrub, will try with less next time lol x
    Hi, I didn't think I used that much scrub. Yep have the Almond Spa products, and decanted these in to the little bowls. The scrub just seemed to ping off when I rinsed. Do you rinse just using hands, sponge or mitts? I never know what way is best lol x
    Do you do manicures? I did one the other day and all I did was get covered in the scrub when wiping/washing it off. I was covered, the desk was covered, the towels on the desk were covered and even the floor. Any ideas how I can stop this happening? Help! xx
    Hi Mona, I got the Asda bowls (and on offer as the wrapping had ripped!) and used them last week. Definitely the best size. Thank you for the help xx
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