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  • Well I have an Asda 5 mins away from the salon, so may have a quick look in there on my way in tomorrow. Would look lovely for the manicure I've got booked in. Thanks for the help x
    They look lovely! I saw similar bowls in Ikea and dismissed them as being too small, I now wish I'd gone for them as the ones I have are a little on the large side. We live and learn lol x
    I remember I said I wanted to wear the traditional clothes to temple for new years once when I was a kid, and my mom said "no, you too fat. It's gonna cost extra to get one made for you!" hahahaha! BTW I seem to have misplaced my 18 but in that thread I posted up my 16 :lol:
    youre new? your so much more experienced than i am trust me <3 im still in training and to top if off im mostly self taught cause my school only teaches basic, and the "wrong" way too lol like size 18 brush wrong way! i was the first person to use size 8 - 10 brush and the first to do 3d and rockstars. its sad isnt it.
    yes i have watched all her videos and i want to learn more but who do you recommend?
    the fluffy brush does work for me but i want to see the difference? cause after i put the glitter on the tacky layer i try to rub it in but my brush gets sticky and it ends up moving some glitter(not that noticable) so then i use my brush to press the glitter instead. do you have this problem? im using gelish.
    thank you! i was using my old acrylic brush it looks like a size 4 but it says 8. oh well i got it from sallys. so youre saying that a oval gel brush does the job better than a fluffly brush? thank you i will try it out. do i have to wet the brush with alcohol too?
    Heyy your so welcome, sheeesh I have not visited salon geek for such a long time, I feel strange & miss it :D I know you had a fab xmas, so now to wish you a very happy lovely food filled new year xoxo
    Wooohooo thats a brilliant time, well done to you. I think your FAB! Have a lovely christmas xoxo
    Thank you honey :D I'm going to have a little play now on some tips, whilst watching fingernailfixers videos. I'm still struggling with deciding on colours. Do you have Blackpool and Hollywood? Was wondering if these 2 layered would make a burgandy colour? Thank you for your help xxx
    I've not used it yet. I'm trying to be a good girl and wait till my course on Monday :D I'm itching to use it though! Can't wait till tuesday so I can have a proper play around with layering. I remembered I have a credit card too so I'm getting 5 colours on Monday instead of 3 and going to get some glitter for Rockstars too. I'm so excited! X x
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