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  • The make-up mirror is all stuff from IKEA! They do the big mirror, and they do the lights in strips of 5, along with the low-energy bulbs to go with them. Think it came to less than a ton for the lot! Then I installed it of course, along with the light switches and whatnot...
    Hey Mona hope your doing good.. Santa is bringing me a rice cooker this year, cant wait for that! xoxo
    No problem, like I said, never seen anything like it. What do you use and how???
    Just had a look fantastic work love the gypsy caravan and the ginger bread man and lady are soooooo good your very talented indeed xx
    Thanks Mona and you are welcome about the comments, I do love your work! Thai recipes will be lush look forward to those in future... not sure on the menu number tho aaag :D xoxo
    Ring ring...... hi yes Id like to order some stir fried pork, ginger and all of that please, easy on the chillis, thaaaankyou ! :D xoxo Hope your feeling better Monalicious xoxo
    I'm still feeling poorly I went to docs and I've got fluid on me lungs so I'm taking antibiotics and inhalers along with lemsip,capsules,etc I rattle when I walk lol thank u for asking Hun xxx
    Hey you know that Phil collins song? Sus su sssssssudio Sussudio.. I come here and I think of it :D heheheee
    hello hun awww thank you and for the picture message too. All going ok this end have a new client tomorrow who said she may turn into a regular. . . No pressure there ha ha. How you doing hun? X x x
    Well they are amazing, very talented!! Thank you for my picture comment too xx
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