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    Self employment in hair salon with business support

    Hey thanks for taking the time to reply. So this salon isnt your typical backstreet salon. Its in a “well to do” area and earned a few rewards with loreal. The reason they wanted to set up employment this way was because the owner wants to help their staff earn a great income. Good income =...
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    Self employment in hair salon with business support

    Hey riane, 30% commission on takings x
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    Self employment in hair salon with business support

    Hi everyone Recently ive been looking for work in a hair salon as a senior stylist i have 9 years experience and i am mainly looking at employment however, I recently came across an employer who is looking for self employment. Now normally I would turn it down straight the way as self...
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    Colour match to OPI Bubble Bath?

    Check out the cuccio brand
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    Creating a portfolio?

    Im becoming a nail tech and i havent got much of a portfolio yet however I prefer to use human models to suppose to a plastic hand as i think its more appealing to customers... just struggling to get models ☹️
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    Nail system advice

    Im currently training in NSI acrylic system and cuccio veneer gel polish
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    Best gel polish brand/Shellac to stock?

    Im using cuccio Vanner and i am in Love!! Right now they have an offer of for the next 4 months. I purchased their long term commitment kit and Max pro 5 LED Lamp and they are superb
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    Cuccio Veneer

    Im playing on using this brand as mobile but im struggling with what to charge i want to start at £25 and offer introductory offer of 20% [emoji848] how does this sound? Salons charge £20-£25 the reason for me wanting to charge £25 is because of fuel cost petrol getting expensive [emoji29] oh...
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    Nail course

    oooh lol :D x
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    Nail course

    Oranges? [emoji848]What techniques could you practice. Im also new to learning the art of nails
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    Very subtle ombré with copper and dark tones technique help

    aaahhh i see yeah i would do that leave a section out but not too Thick not too thin Cant wait to see the results :)
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    Very subtle ombré with copper and dark tones technique help

    Is it possible to add a photo? Your technique in the beginning sounds about right but the part where you miss a section to apply the dark colour im abit confused about.. If this is hair 1st colour appointment best thing i would do would be to get the base shade she desires 1st To make sure she's...
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    New salon problems

    Mary's Customer Service must have been Better. People will pay more if its worth it. customer service hospitality, manners and the occasional special Offers etc people will be attracted too
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    What is your salon Facebook?
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    HNC in Business

    Oh Thank You i'll have a look