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  • Hi hon, how are you getting on with your course? Im doing my friends rounds im bored lol xx
    Hi hon tnx for the message u left on EN, if i passed anyone can!! Good Luck xx
    Thank you, it feels a bit better now I have sculpted a free edge back on, but it was very painful at the time. xxxx
    ye its goin well, have sent my stuff off for assessment now so wil hopfully get results soon. i cant really see what u look like cus pic is too small, plus il prob be a lil drunk haha, hav a good night anyway x
    Hey just thought i would wish you luck, see you are startin a course with en, i am doing the gel course, also noticed your from swansea, im from pembrokeshire! Im off out in swansea sat nite, wooo cant wait xx
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