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  • It's going ok, although i'm thinking of changing to Tantrick, not sure yet tho as depends on price of solution and if I can still use solglo gun etc
    yea i am fine thanks, i am sure you will be fine hun they look tricky to do let me know how you get on?? xx
    Hi oh right didnt know that you had to do gel nails before acrylics well you learn something each day lol xx
    Hi bit far from me then i live in biddulph stoke way so how long you been doing beauty for hun xx
    hi . Ye actually i did ring the number to order sorry i just meant press that to get some info but you need to ring direct to order solution. xxx
    hi im new to this salon geek site can you advise me on setup costs for the tannin and prices im looking to open my own salon in durham as an opi nail technician bt im interested in other treatments to offer clients which id have to train up for aswell thanx
    Well i done 13 the other day!!! (about 4-5mins in-between each one) I don't know what the number is thats its only meant to do.

    I will find out tho...

    Hi Pauline!
    Its confusing isnt it. There are lots of brands out there! When I first decided on spray tanning I rang round several companys who sent me all their info. Id definately recommend this, get a few reps who are willing to visit and offer you a demo. Xen Tan is perfect for me and my clients, and it fades nicely. Maybe try a sample before you decide. x
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