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  • Hi, sunshineinme, If you are selling your lamp. I would be interested. Mine is getting quite old now, and as I am Mobile it gets bashed around quite a lot. I know this doesn't answer your dilema. However please bear me in mind if you want to sell. My email address is Many thanks. Julia. x
    Hi. I did my nails once and when finished realized I had not put a second colour on one of my nails, due to the postman knocking on my door and thinking it was more important to sign for a recorded parcel than doing my shellac, stupid yes I know. So after I had put the top coat took off the sticky layer then noticed this mistake I put the second colour and another top coat. So on that nail I had base coat, one colour, top coat, second colour and another top coat. The result was perfect and lasted 12 days with no problem. Hope this answers your question.
    Hi there,
    sorry I haven't got back to you earlier ,I have only just opened this message !! I still need models to practice on if you are interested ,just £10 for materials ,I live in purley surrey ,would take approx 2 hours .Please email me on as I will get this straight away .Thanks hun.
    Hi there
    Is this how you PM?!!
    I would have to meet up with you (I've been doing it in coffee shops randomly!) for a consultation and show you the hair, colour match you, discuss desired look etc.

    You will then pay a small deposit and I will buy the hair (prices range from £100 - 300) depending on what you want (volume with a bit of length, a lot of extra length etc). And then i can come to yours (or you can come to mine) and I'll fit them and take some before and after shots (you don't have to have them of the front if you don't want to).

    I'm very interested in promoting the healthiest hair extensions possible and recommend maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks. I'm also not a fan of packing loads and loads in, as I want to maintain the natural health of your hair whilst promoting growth too! I've had them in myself on and off for the past 8 years!

    Have you had hair extensions before? What's your current length / colour / thickness and how long would you like to go?

    Message me back if you're still interested or have any questions, if not thank you for your time

    Est xx
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