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  • hey there, i have emailed that address below and it keeps coming back undelivered, avivalabs.com do it from america i found, dont know how the rates compare, please let me know if ye get through or if ye order from USA....
    HI sunspray, thanks a mill for that email contact for avaiva, however it came back failed, can i just confirm i have the right address... kate@ethostherapy.com
    Hi Sunspray,

    The event is on Saturday 25th July between 10am and 3pm for the public with setting up at 9.30am and closing the building by 4pm.

    I am holding it as a clothes or frock swap and therapy day with stalls or areas for a donation of £15 which goes to the charities.

    It is being help at great hollands community centre.

    If you would like any further information or would like to reserve a stall please pm me back!



    ps i tried to pm this to you but it said your inbox was full sorry x
    Hi, thank you for replying and telling me what the free index was :) lol x minky
    Hiya Carol

    I tried the mitt on the back of the wrists last week with my friend and she told me they looked a little pale compared to the rest of her arm so I probably sprayed the area to lightly or massaged to heavy on the area, but tried again last night on my husband ( poor man Looks like des o connor) and I have to say wrists are perfect so I think I have finally got there.

    Thanks for the great tip

    Ruth has kindly told me how to upload my profile picture which I will now share with you:

    Select the "Edit Avatar" link from the "Settings & Options" section of "Your Control Panel" on the left hand side of the page.

    This will let you upload an image.

    See you soon x
    Thanks for the typo fix on Samantha's web site (the one where it said shower instead of shave) - that's fixed now :)
    hi there

    I do have the organza bags on my site but I dont have pics of the other sort of bags on the site because as soon as they come in, they fly of the shelves, but if you would like a pic i would be delighted to email you some if you would give me an email address?

    kind regards

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