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  • hi where can i find a list of your products and pricing please? also could i sample a bottle of your dark tan please many thanks laura
    Hi Suntana, I have just bought your rapid tan and is concearned about the reviews on your product....I love your other solutions , which my clients who normally use SiennaX have changed to Suntana...However SiennaX tonhights the night solution (their rapid tan) is standard 16%. I have a lot of clients who require this. Their guidelines are the same as yours and if left on 4hrs or over their colour is darker...This is the same for other Rapid Tans so why is yours not able to get darker the longer it is left on...? If you can get this product spot on for clients who want a quick tan but it gets darker if required would be fantastic for you, all your clients and fans....You cant state other companies are breaking rules like fake bake,siennaX and LA Tan as they have sorted it so why cant you xx
    Having used Suntana for a long time I decided to purchase a bottle of the rapid tan as no samples were available. Unfortunately I'm really disappointed with it. It's very watery slow to dry and the colour is far too light even after leaving on the recommended time. I have searched through a few posts and find a lot of people saying the same thing. What is the cOmpany policy on this can we return the bottle or something else or a refund? Many thanks
    Hi there
    i was just wondering if you'll be at the beauty uk show? and if you are, if you'll have any offers on you maximist lite pack? many thanks
    Hi there, I am just starting up spray tanning. Your reviews look great. Could you send me some samples and a price list please? Thank you. Kim
    hi ive recently bought a maxi mist package from your site and when i used the samples which your surposed to get 3-4 tans out of i got 2 im i doing something rong im just starting out and havnt got a clue :-z
    Hi Dave,

    I have been doing a lot of research on the various tanning products on the market and I am seriously considering buying the maximist kit with accredited training. Would it be possible for you to send me some samples to help me make my decission.

    Many Thanks
    Debra McCormick
    46 Central Road
    GL1 5BU
    hi there, i am about to rent a room in a salon and wanting to buy a machine and product , i have been advised yours is really good, what is the prices of the packs you do ? im new to this site and have no idea how to use it !!
    looking for a machine , a tent and tan :)
    Thanks for the reply on training Suntana, any news on when your retail range is coming ?. It would be great to have branded scubs etc. Thanks Ang.
    hi hope u dont mind me sendin you a message. Just been lookin at your website at the starter pack for £175 which is fantastic...just wondering if you do any samples?? im currently saving to buy a spray tan system and yours is my favourite so far so dont go changin your prices haha thanks keeley x
    Hi , im using suntana at the moment just love the product and the smell is great too , especially cherry MMMmm lol . Anyway looking to do some offers for students and looking to see if you do poster offers i can purchase or logos i could use to make up my own . Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you asap ;-D
    Hi - We are not running any courses at the moment (we've a few things up our sleeve though). With 8 years experience you'll be fine with our products, if you do have any problems just contact us and we'll do our best to assist
    I recieved my starter pack in record delivery time !!! Thanks So much. Just a question about training now. I have been spray tanning for about 8 years with different companies but would like to know if you do specific training in relation to your brand? It would be good to have a certificate for those more 'specific' clients ;) .

    Hi Dave

    Can you tell me what is the difference between Maximist Plus and Maximist Pro? Do an average of 10 - 15 tans a week but want something really robust and reliable and stand its test of time.

    Thank you

    Tolly x
    Hi could you let me no if you do training near wirral or liverpool? im really interested in using your products as posts on here have made me believe they are really good ( plus smell gorgeous) do you do samples by anychance?? Thanks
    Hi Dave,
    I ordered my kit from Tampa Bay Tanning and it came with the trial sizes of your solution. I love it, especially the cherry one, which is proving most popular amongst the friends i have practiced on so far. I just need to complete a training course now so that i can begin tanning professionally. After checking your website i cant find if you run a course anywhere near me and wondered if you could tell me where my nearest training would be im based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
    Hi I am looking into doing spray tan training with your company and understand you have a trainer based in Port Talbot- was just wondering is the training based at the trainers salon or do they come out to your house to do it? Thanks x
    hi dave,

    im looking to do a training course with suntana! ive been on the website & it shows me there is somewhere in glasgow on the map that does the training but doesnt tell me anything else. Do u know when the training dates are, or who i can contact to find out!! i originally thought about doing the training with fake bake........but im still waiting on them calling me back! im glad they havent, cause its made me research all the other brands which has lead me to u! lol
    thanks in advance
    Diane x
    Hi dave,

    just a quick message to say thanks !!
    i ordered a suntana kit from you on sunday night and it arrived yesterday morning, excellant service cant wait to set it up and try it out xx
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