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  • Happy Birthday lovely lady - I hope you're busy being spoiled rotten, loads of love, Karen XXX
    Hi Susie,
    I just saw your post about HD Brows - I'm thinking of doing the course and was wondering if there is demand for the treatment and what you charge for it?
    Even although it was over a month ago Thanks for the heart :) I'm slowly getting used to how SG works x
    im good thanks ...hopefully things will get mpore exciting for you soon xxx
    Youre most welcome missus! Put so eloquently and by explaining all that you did put your point across perfectly.... The point you actually made clear about two or three posts earlier! Love your posts susie... Always :) i also didnt know your whole situation but now i do, its just makes you that little bit more fab lovely! I hate using this word (as it can sound so corney) but its so true... youre an inspiration missus! Love to you x x x
    Don't disappear! SG needs you!
    (btw, I always used to say things during PMT that I might have bitten my tongue over at other times. But guess, what? I was always right in what I said! :D:p:D)
    you're welcome susie, i actually stumbled across your FB page y'day. i was on the nails of art page and was viewing the album with the poorly applied nails and spotted your name on a comment and thought''''hmmm i wonder is that OUR (as in SG) susie' so off i went to have a nosy on your page... so hello susie , my name is susan. my sis anne (rip) was the only one who ever called me susie. ah miss her. x
    Hey babes thank you , so when I do a set I will be ok with just the builder gel, what primer is it ? Sorry for questions going to order it today thank you hun, how's you are you busy ? is L&P acrylic ? Xx
    Hello huni hows you? thank you for getting back to me, If I'm using the builder gel can I use my own primer first then build gel etc as normal, then as a finish can I you the top it of Gelish?
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