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  • Why thank you for the recommendation Susie, that was very kind of you. I like to think I am good at what I do. Can't wait to get "Certified" by Lori Nestore in April, this should be good for my training business.
    Hey huni, :) Hows you? You keeping busy?

    You not going with Susan hun?
    I think I'm going, I loved it last year, loads of bargains didnt want to leave. :cry::cry::cry:
    Thanks for your comments on my lashes :hug: it definitely is fiddly. xx
    nah, theres not much there.
    i'll prob go to birmingham though. at least if there isnt much to see its easier to come home.
    thanks for the rep, i just this minute sent you some before i checked mine. great minds think alaike eh? hope all is well.
    Aw gawd tough one, yep it going to be keeping him busy doing something different thats your problem. Do hope you cope with it all. xxxx
    Oh gosh poor you, cant he get something from the doc to calm him so he isn't as agitated you will be treading on egg shells and dealing with your own withdrawal is going to be tough.:hug:
    Susie the best of luck to you and your hubbie with the fags, I gave up 4 years ago but 18 months ago similar to you me & hub had major bust up and there I was back on the fags everything is fine with us now but I have too many other stresses ........... sons just started driving so not a good time just now. xxx
    having a nightmare with the building. doesnt look as if i'll get conservatory until at least june. its all because we live in a conservation area and need planning for every little thing. building of garage and kitchen extension has been delayed because we couldnt find a builder so its become a diy job and 1 man and bad wheather, well you can imagine.

    ive been sick for a fortnight and its made my workload pretty unbearable atm. ive cut back a bit on clients so i can get more spare time, but with the building going on still, all i ever do is clean. i have moved my studio from upstars to into my dining room which is rarely used and that means i have space for groups of students so it makes that a little easier. ive got a bit of a business project underway atm, but cant say anything just yet.

    hope they cough up some allowance for you susie, you shouldnt have to be struggling like that. hugs to you and kay.xx
    I have just learnt about the rep and noticed you done one for me thank you very much it was kind of you xxxx
    Hi Susie, thanks for the rep, never even knew about these things so i didnt realise i had one!! lol your very good!
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