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  • Thanks for your coments about my Wales and Nails blog. Glad you like Wales so much. Do you enter competitions or would you?
    :)hiya im good thanks
    what you been up to? you keeping busy chick?
    I've tryed what to said huni it did work:cry:
    Thanks Susie for your rep points :hug:
    I am sure your waxing will go from strength to strength now you have had your training with Kim :)
    Thanks hunny, we're very blessed really. We were just lucky that we caught Morgandie's tumour before it had spread as much, but it was still a time I wouldn't wish on any parent, child or family. Its wonderful you've been doing these things for C&Z, and even more wonderful they are now going to get he help they deserve xxx
    Thank you for commenting on my blog and for your advice! I'm starting think our babies will be like buses - we waited ages for one then loads will turn up haha! x
    Oh ok, thanks for that. I havent tried couture so I will pop that one on my list! The Sienna retail range was great, but they took it all off the shelves in May time, and still not back on! Not great when its the most busy time for retail!!!!!! Suntana solutions- smell great when spraying, lovely guide colour, but fade patchy and uneven! Sienna x solutions- love the 8.5% but find the others have a really strong smell and too dark guide colour. Although I have clients who love sienna! I drive myself insane, lol!
    Hi Susie..sorry its taken a while to get back to you..busy busy busy
    yep we do cups..what machine did you get??
    Thanks for the solution info! Its a blooming nightmare, lol. I have used naturasun for about 5 yrs now, and I love the colours. The down side forme is that they have no real retail range, and the solutions stay tacky and seem to take ages to dry. Im trying out Urban tan at mo, most of my clients seem to like it, but Im still unsold! I think I am very hard to please, lol!
    Hey Susie,

    Thank you for you kind message! It's been ages hasn't it? I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Did I tell you I was having another baby? All is well, went for 20 week scan but the little blighter wouldn't open it's legs, so looks like we are on team yellow until October!

    Take good care of yourself,

    Alex xx
    theres usually some ads in scratch for insurance, you might wanna ring round. i just pay up coz i'm too lazy to compare others.
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