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  • Hey hun,
    thanks for replying to my thread and for ur lovely words. You and lee are very right. thanks again hun xxxx
    it upset hermione a bit, so crystal went in to esmes room and after hiding under the bed for a bit she got up onto it and slept on the pillow next to her.
    she seems more relaxed with everyone today and a lot more settled.
    well hermione named her, she started off as a slightly unimaginative 'milky' but she seemed much to elegant and classy for that and she later decided that 'crystal' was much more suitable. poor little thing was crying last night, i think she was looking around for her brothers and sisters and the parents. it was pityful. hopefully she'll settle in a bit more tonight.
    its a girl. i got it off mizzy-dizzy here on the boards, she delivered it all the way from the isle of wight.
    if you look in her album you will see i have left a comment under one of the pictures so you will know which one. we are all in love with her.
    Good for you! See, your the sort of person who I would want to come to because you want to know, iykwim! I wish you all the best, if you decide on facials course etc, I bet you love them! Its my favorite! xxx
    ha, i just read the blog !
    i will send clients your way if i get too many. do you have a business card ?
    its simpler than me writing down your no and forgetting where i wrote it .
    Your welcome ...and me too!! Tough love never did anyone any harm.
    You just reminded me of that advert 'if i ruled the world' lol xxx
    cant youn train him to wear a dressing gown !
    got those bits in usa, could have got you one if id known.
    they come from atwood industries. i think they do mail order but i dont have web add.
    the type i use is called swiss carbide round i think.
    mmm wonder if she has anyone. wonder if theyre any good though. let me know if you hear anything.
    i cant think of any jobs going atm. hope you get something though, i would much rather send my extras to you if i can.
    are you taking on any clients susie ?
    i think carol has gone to the middle east and i have no one to refer people to if i cant fit them in .
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