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  • Didn't know they held Pagan gatherings in Hammersmith. Have got a friend who I used to work with who lives there, haven't seen him in ages!
    Ah, so you're a Pagan too then? Cool! We have some great friends in Derbyshire who hold Pagan gatherings every 6 or 7 weeks or so for all the festivals (Samhain, Yule, Imbolc etc) - including the lady that did our handfasting for us.
    Dear Susie ... I really hope you do not take on board the unsafe practise of using undiluted neat monomer when cutting out smile lines advocated by a recent visitor form NZ. As a CND user, I'm sure you know the reasons behind this and know better but I'd rather you be safe than sorry. :hug:
    Hello you....LOVE THE HAIR! I thought I had the wrong profile! Things are good, I'm still doing nails in a fun and funky little shop close to my house. I am now getting into the 'gel' thing, couldn't beat them had to join It's a challenge for me but I enjoy the challenge. I had to blush when I read your profile and you mentioned your 'nail tech moved back to Canada'. Are you still working doing nails or just doing for fun? You look great! Cheers RAE
    Yes I kinda been busy but Im trying to get back into geekin again cos I miss it! x Hope you are well.
    Lol, bless ya - best results after 3 weeks of not shaving, but if you really can't bear to leave it that long just come to the stand with what you've got and we'll do the best we can :D
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