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  • Thanks for the training, loving the tan already and I still got bout 4 hours before I shower x
    glad it went well with Andy, I agree (as u know) excellent product, I ve run out of masks again so still awaiting delivery. Glad your room is up and running now. Have you got a web site done yet?
    Nails going well now. Had Swissdermyl training wed fantastic stuff. Been very busy how are you doing. Toni

    I used to have a place behind the chemist in Ampthill. I gave it up last year as I was missing my little girl. May go back when she's in nursery full time. Not sure yet - so now I'm working from home. Do you work from home too? Yay! I'd love to meet some local geeks!
    Sam XX
    Hi Suze - just read that you're having your SwissDermyl training next month! V glad that you've decided to go with them - you won't be disappointed. Which products have you decided to start with?
    Wow, that's really close isn't it (Shefford to Sandy)?
    How is business going for you ?
    I'm nearly ready to send my cards and written work off for marking on the Acrylics...will more than likely stall it and practise more but hope to do it soon
    Thanks ! I need feedback, good or bad, so thought I would post a pic.

    I'm in Sandy, where abouts are you ?
    Dont' worry, we won't compete for clients, I'm moving to Huntingdon sometime this year lol
    Hi, i'm just been nosey, checking out people that have visted my profile and saying hi.
    Hi Sue..good to hear from you and good to meet you also.
    Hopefully we will meet up in the not to distant future
    take care
    Hi Sue, was great meeting you on Wednesday and good luck with your mini kini course - let me know how you get on !!!! - upi know where I am if you need anything. Take care, hugs Tracey
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