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  • Hey chicca
    Missed ya, hope you had a nice time away love your tat by the way, looking forward in seeing you soonage x x x x
    Hello.. just got yr message. Well for the record i am straight one... LOL. Not sure wot im doin on salon geek to be honest i have no idea how to even use it. Suppose im here to chat... get some advice, knowledge whatever really x
    Hey Chicca
    How are you? have you rebooked your course yet? Im ok just found another treatment I want to add to my menu lol, bloody hell I cant stop lol, ooh Im having Carl from Verve Print redo my website, looks fabbage, not finished will let ya know when it is, I love waxing and minxing, hopefully my leaflets go out next week, im already opening Sundays as my competition doesnt lol, speak soonage Sue x x
    I know and thats why I love ya!!, Im very excited about my training, will let ya know all when I get back, so you like your couch? xx
    Thanks so much for trying to help, Im having one of them bloody weeks this week!!
    Your grand daughter is gorgeous hun x xx
    Hey Ive created a Glitter Tatto lovers group, please join so im not a billy no mate lol.

    hope you are ok x x x
    Cool what are you going for next? I would love some more but i have a few from when i was younger (bad choices hmph), keep me posted lol x
    i am hun think i need to slow down lol got no chance. I had to take her back to the docs and now they tell me it is chicken pox now just great aint it matey, so when is the wedding then hun? bet you shattered as well? xxx
    yes we all had a great time thanks hun, yes very tanned but caitlin is ill now not from the hols. she got blisters all over her she had it for a week hun i feel so exhusted and i am trying to do my course work for my hair course as well for my portfolio, hope you well hun? xxx
    Thanks babe! Glad you got your site done. You can post your web addy on loads of advertising sites hun, and google too! If you need any hints, let me know! ;-) xxx
    Hey hun
    Still ok to call in on you tomorrow?? I'm sooooooooooooo looking forward to it x x x x
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