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  • thank you yes its going to be fun but just wish it had waited w few more years
    but all will be ok now i have to work so my grandbaby will have good stuff
    my nail salon will be on hold for now but thats ok
    hi sweetie
    thank you very much about the reply for my nana blog
    i need the support i going to be a grandma omg
    Thank you Suzie, I actually did Teeny 3 times before I sent her in. On the 3rd time I was ready to send her in. If I did her again it would probably take me 2 hours if I was'nt disturbed. I miss her. But I saved the 2nd nail sample.
    so I kind of feel that she is a sister to Teeny!
    OOooh I love this slurple the purple colour thing that you have going on

    Sue :)
    thanks for letting me know that. I'll have a look on amazon.
    Is it worth getting?
    love charl xx
    Havent had a chance today my son came round, but I have tonight on my own so will try tonight with my own nails, need to get some tips back on BLOODY HOSPITALS ...LOL
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