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  • :lol: :lol: :lol: Hope you are well hunny. I have kept missing you too, I've got a busy day today but should be on more tomorrow. xxxxxx:hug:
    its already gone to cancer research, so as long as you are happy, then thats cool. I will be donating to it too.
    My daughter got the pic off the net too....she chose a few but that is her favourite....and mine too....she is so cute and very elegant for a Pixie!
    I know you chose her name but the red wings make me think Scarlett.... or Cherry.... Not Pixie names at all :lol:

    Moonshine....aww heck you got me going on names now....

    Anyway she is lovely and if ever my daughter gets hers I will post a pic xxxxxxx
    Hi Suzie,
    I am withdrawing from the Race for Life due to other commitments, so I will need to refund you your donation.
    Not sure how to go about it at the moment, but am just off to close my page and withdraw all the links I've put up on my websites.
    I'm going to blog about it.
    But thanks for donating, your a pal!
    ooo I'm thinking of having another tat done soon, for a cover up job though, got the design, need them to add to it, I'm going to sort it out in 2 weeks time, its soo addictive tho, I'm already thinking of another already lol, post some pics plz, it's a nice design, good luck xx :)
    What do you mean you have 2 arms & 2 legs dont you? LOL or are they all taken, post a pic when you get a chance. Good Luck. xx
    Lol! You finding it easy enough? I corrected mine at lunch and added my logo tonight. Bit unsure if Logo looks a bit big though! Don't forget to tell us your webby when it's complete! :green: xxx
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