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  • I got the nappy cream ! ha ha i have a fancy A,B and O on the back of my neck ! thats for my husband and girls :) thought it would hurt but not at all parts of it were quite nice ! will try and do some pics im rubbish at putting them on x what you having next ? x
    You will be 1st to know when I get mine babes. IF I get it LOL!! haha I am going to write and let them know how let down I feel though and hopefully they acknowledge it but I won't hold my breath. Its a shame as they were so good on the conversion day and I was really happy when I left
    No point in stressing, I have realised that now, like you said it will all come good on the day xx
    Yep 35 days to go, it's getting pretty close now. I am going to sort out the cake in the morning. Got to send back our ceremony form to say who is doing what readings. Are you all organised now? xx
    got a customer for the skincare and phoning a few more companies in the next 2 weeks but have had some commision already, its going good, and yoga, i do aerobics oz style yoga i have a dvd i got off of amazon x
    How you doin hun, booked my lash course for june and i have at least 15 people wanting to be a model and 1 client booked for july already
    Thanks honey. Really glad you're feeling better. It's horrible when you feel like that. A few weeks back I was in a really low place, and I was really scared! If you ever just wanna chat, I'm here! Big :hug: xxx
    Its a nice feeling to get down the dress sizes. I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that are in smaller sizes but I am hoping to get right down this time and then I will have to treat myself to a whole new set of gear :) Something to look forward to, hopefully a nice 'little' black dress for the party season :)
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