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  • The weathers been great didnt get any rain only twice when we was in bed lol.have a great weekend hun.x
    gthat sounds nice.im just going away for the weekend with the kids hope it dont rain lol.have a great weekend.x
    hi hows it going hun.have you had a good weekend? Iv just got back from devon been away for two weeks with hubby and kids .Its been nice to relax.xx
    Hi hun, thanks for mail-its tonite!!!!!! Bring it on baby!!! ha ha ha Ill be dyin tomorrow..... Hopefully Ill get some pics up so u can see xx
    oh yeah the sliver ones luk great i saw a set of them on your pics, i cant belive yours lasted for 3 weeks thas fab!!! am gunna order sum from ellisons lik u suggested next week. devon should be lovely have you been before xx
    hi hun
    She had the silver minx.Iv still got mine on, its been on for 3weeks now,good a.Just starting to give out my cards now to get some clients.lol.We are going away monday to devon for 2weeks if the weathers good over the easter.Im good thanks got very board at college last nite.lol.xx
    hi hun hows you? just been to college ,god it was so boring 2nite as iv done or my work just waiting for the rest to catch up,idint do much lol.x
    Oh gawd.....depressed now....Ill be 36 next Friday!!!! :( Ah well it comes to us all!!!! Some of the gals from bcard are comin out with me on the sat too xx
    The dodgy part eh!!?? lol I used to work in Barclaycard in Kirkby know loads of people from there too. I still get back every now & then Im back next weekend for my birthday - its gonna be messy!! What college do you go to? I originally trained in Hugh baird, back in the day!! P.s. my dog is gorge but hes a hyperactive pain in the arse!! :) xx
    Hi hun, I used to live in Lpool-where are you from/where do you work? I get homesick every now & then :( xx Im from Crosby
    Minx Nail Coverings There you go have a watch at that, I found it really helpful. I think you need quick time to watch it. xxxx Just click on minx nail coverings, couldn't see it underlined when I posted that link. x
    I am the only one in my area that uses Minx too so it's fab. They may seem a little fiddly at first but there is a great demo on here, I will see if I can find you the link. If you need any help at all just ask me hun, will be happy to help. I am doing a set of minx toes on Friday night, I'll take some pics and upload them. Just off to find that link for you. xxx
    The pics with my daughter were my first try with Minx, I really love it, and am getting a lot of business with it. With the better weather coming in I think that minx toes are going to be huge this summer xxx
    Awww thank you, if you click on show all albums there is one that is just minx and I think a minx experiment that I done. Oh I better go check that they are there :lol:
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