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    phd wax

    hi not sure if i am posting this in the correct place but here goes :) i have a phd waxing system for sale £30.00 pick up only from liverpool includes :- wax station full bag of large applicators 4 medium applicators 2 small applicators 13 tubes of wax hand protector instruction...
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    Eye rescue treatment

    hi all just after a bit of advice, i had an older male client come in with concerns over under eye bags so i have advised him to book in for an eye rescue facial which is on our price list, i have not preformed this treatment before as i am new to the salon, we use demalogica products and i...
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    Home salon clients

    my mum has just moved house and has a room going spare which she has kindly offered me to use as a home salon but i am unsure where to start :o i have plenty of experience working in a salon and feel confidant in my treatments, i also have a lot of the equipment i will need so start up costs...
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    Hi again

    Thanks guys :lol:
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    Spray tans that do not give the dreaded orange

    Hi i personally love sienna x, it gives a great natural colour and fades evenly without patches i would recomend it 100%
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    Hi again

    :wink2::wink2:Hi All :Love: Just a quick post to re- intrpduce myself (haha) I havent been on this site for a very long time and carnt wait to get stuck back in.
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    E mail trouble

    thanks a lot for your help guys greatly appriciated :green::green::green:
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    E mail trouble

    hi all i was just wondering if any1 cud help me out, i was thinking of sending a copy of my price lists and any new offers i have to all my clients via email every so often but my problem is on my laptop i have microsoft works and i am not sure if the attachments will open up on computers with...
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    RESULTS - Dress A Nail Competition Spring/Summer 2009

    well done to all of you x
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    ENTRIES - Dress A Nail Spring/Summer 2009

    lots of fab entries guys, loving your designs best of luck to you all xx
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    Fake bake

    thanks 4 replying so quick :hug: i really like there products to, do you buy jst the origional or the fair, origional and extreame, the girl that done our training did say that the origional will suit every skin type but i like the idea of catering to all skin tones individually also when...
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    Fake bake

    hi all :green: i did my fake bake manual application training lst nite and loved it, the tutor was fantastic and all the products looked great, i have used fake bake on myself in the past and have been pleased with the results. i jst wanted to no what tan you guys used for manual application...
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    New Leaflet!

    i think the newer version looks great now much easier to read, fab flyer lv the nails xx
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    My (New) Nails Kiosk

    WOW :green: its fabulos differant to anything ive seen before, the best of lucj 2 u xx
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    Waxing phd

    hi i also have the same problem with the PHD system we had a lovely lady come into our collage to demonstrate the system to us and it was brilliant, so about 10 of us purchased one as it was discounted to us as we were a large group and we were told we would get free training and a...