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    Snake skin effect-help

    Can I please ask? Where is everyone getting their lace from please? Many thanks 😃
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    Best Gel on the market?

    Hi fellow geeks!! I've been doing nails for quite some time and specialise in acrylic but also qualified in Gel. I still use the brand I trained with but wanted to upgrade! I'm a bit out of the loop with what is the best on the market..... Any suggestions?? Sorry if there is all ready a...
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    That's ok :) x

    That's ok :) x
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    Where To Purchase EzFLOW

    Definitely!! Lots of support available and a lovely long list of exciting courses available x
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    Rockstar toes! Post your pics too

    Sorry - should have read The whole thread first!
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    Rockstar toes! Post your pics too

    LOVE THEM! Are they from The Martha Stewart collection? :)
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    Boyfriend doing "my" spray tan?

    This is exactly what my husband says!! I let him spray tan me all the time - he is really good at it x
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    Shellac removal

    Me too! I think I may have to start charging! I had offers through July so my clients are expecting to pay more in august anyway. You learn something new everyday here too!! Love it! X
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    What Skincare brand will supply mobile therapist?

    I've just started using Eve Taylor, seems to be very popular on here too! X
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    "I can't afford it". Thoughts?

    I like the idea of starting an investment fund! At the moment my business just pays for new training/products as and when but that makes a lot more sense! x
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    New CND lamp help please!

    My husband had to do mine as I couldn't get the top off either!! I think he slid the lid towards him and then lifted. Then you peel off all the blue film- it should be silver inside. Don't forget to lift the finger tray and peel off the blue underneath. Hope that helps x
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    Shellac removal

    That's really interesting, does anyone else charge/not charge for removal? X
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    Looking for a staff member

    Yes I was wondering this too!?
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    Sharing Facial setups :)

    :wink2: Hi Everyone, I'm looking for inspiration for my facial setups, mine is a little basic and well quite frankly boring! I was wondering if my fellow lovely geekies would mind sharing some pics of their lovely couches/areas all set up. I saw a thread on here for beauty room sharing...
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    IBN (Shellac Copy)

    That is sooo cheeky! I wonder if 'the sweets' have seen it yet! :/