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    Help with client hair tomorrow plzzzzz

    Hi, I think majimeche is a bleach cream powder mix and easi meche is the plastic highlighting aids. Majimeche is stronger than a highlift tint but is not as powerful/harsh as a bleach such as blondor. Hope this en-lightens you a bit x
  3. sweetcorn1

    Toner came out too ashy on blonde highlight strand test

    Hi try L'oreal Luo colour PO1 and just keep an eye on it. Any ash toner will go white/grey/blue if it is not monitored closely. Hope this helps x
  4. sweetcorn1

    Which are the best real hair extensions that dont look scraggy??

    Our Salon uses Great Lengths and they r georgeous!!!!!!!!
  5. sweetcorn1

    Silver toner

    Oh thanks for that. I have ordered the crystal and wheat. I mite just be brave and go for 3/4 crystal 1/4 wheat like you first suggested. Thanks for your help I'll let you know x
  6. sweetcorn1

    Silver toner

    I might try the clynol shots then. What developer are they mixed with? Are they a semi or quasi or just a pure toner??? I'll have a look at the wholesaler. Ta Guys x
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    Silver toner

    Hi, I am a hairdresser who has short full head bleached hair. It is very white but I want to get it silvery. Can anyone recommend a silver toner. I currently use l'oreal PO1, fudge whiter shade of pale and a voilet shampoo as well. I love Pinks hair as it is very glossy silver. Can...
  8. sweetcorn1

    Getting A Dog?

    Thanks, we are doing all those things I just wanted to know if we were missing something. People keep saying "my dog was house trained in 4 days!!!" I thought I was doing it wrong!!! Got home after a couple of hours today and he had pooed in his cage but eaten it!!! nice!!! Nothing to...
  9. sweetcorn1

    Getting A Dog?

    Can anyone help with toilet training. We are taking him out when we are at home but he is still having accidents in his cage and when we leave the room. We tell him off when he does it indoors and treats when outdoors. We feed him in his cage but he still wees and sometimes poos in the cage even...
  10. sweetcorn1

    Getting A Dog?

    I've put a picture of Alfie in the geek gallery for you guys to look at. xXXx
  11. Alfie

My little boy fast asleep!!!!

    Alfie My little boy fast asleep!!!!

  12. sweetcorn1

    Getting A Dog?

    Well we have had the puppy, who we have named Alfie, for 3 days now and what a hard few days it has been!!! I was ready for handing him back after 24 hours but things are getting a lot easier now and I'm getting to love him despite his very tiny bladder!!! I'll post some photos in the geek...
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    Handing Notice In????

    Thank you very much Minky. xXx
  14. sweetcorn1

    Handing Notice In????

    Well Ive left the old job and started the new. It was very sad leaving the old job and the girls but NOT the boss. The girls got me flowers and necklace and the boss refused to give any money towards it. She signed the card though!!!! How kind!! Also found out she has told the other girls...
  15. sweetcorn1

    Getting A Dog?

    OH MY GOD I'M GETTING MY PUPPY!!!!!!!! I AM SO SO EXCITED. We pick him up on sunday afternoon and I am so scared of doing something wrong in these first few weeks and screwing him up for the rest of his and my life!!!! Also anybody got any ideas for names we are stuck. They need to...