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    Happy Australia Day to all the Oz Geeks

    Thanks guys I stayed inside yesterday instead of out celebrating 40°C in Melbourne is Way too hot for me. The dogs were happy inside on the tiles too.
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    Why do acrylics glow under black lights?

    I haven't seen L&P glow unless it had a gel overlay on top. I have seen Gels glow all the time? Plus there's the UV polish from Creative.
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    It has alcohol and perfumes and colouring and a whole pile of other stuff in it. (ick) Go for a natural product like SunFX (also Aussie, the biggest company in the world and where tanlines and every other company in the world has taken their lead from)
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    Oz Expos

    I've been to the Sydney and Melbourne expos for the past 2 or 3 years (time is slipping by) and I don't plan on changing that - they are getting better and better each year. Would love to meet some of you at the Melbourne expo in a couple of months!
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    non acetone

    With the amount of time it takes to remove polish with non acetone in comparison to the shorter amount of time with acetone they both end up haveing exactly the same effect. Non acetone will melt acrylic over time. Save your money and space and just use acetone.
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    Piercing children’s ears

    I would I think! I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. As a child I was made to wait until about 7 or 8 before my ears were pierced. I had to strop biting my nails first you see. (bribery) But I was the only girl in my class for years that didn't have them done. I am not sure what things...
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    Perth Western Australia

    I'm use both Creative and Ez Flow. I love my nail art!!
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    Perth Western Australia

    I'm in Melbourne - But Hi!!!
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    whats on your nails this christmas????

    I've got roll out the red carpet squoval tips on a custom blended pink base (short short nail beds) I have tiny gold bells with holly on my little fingers different patterns of holly and heart and gold swirls just covering the tips on each finger (matching hand to hand) and ruldolph on my left...
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    More than White

    I have asked a few questions about More Than White and no one knows what on earth I am talking about. I think if we want it we are going to have to insist PND bring it in or buy it in the UK and have it shipped to Oz. Good Luck - Let me Know what you end up doing. I have always thought it...
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    australian distributor 4 ibd?

    Sorry for the delay in reply NailEx in QLD is the importer for IBD in Australia and their number is 07 5591 8866 Otherwise in Melbourne you can contact Jai in Melbourne at Ez Nailz on 03 9464 4466 Good Luck
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    glitter acrylic

    I use Too Much Fun "Glimmerz" which is a fine glittter powder. It is fantastic I love it.
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    Brisa Gels- Can I add Glitter to the clear and it be ok?

    Hey Danielle - Nice to meet another Aussie Tech. I didn't know that it was that much cheaper to buy product into the states from Australia than buy it here from PND. If you contact PND they can give you a product catalogue or pricelist if you like. Other than that I have never mixed gels...
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    creative uniform

    I have never seen Creative uniforms and I think they may just be a UK thing are they??? I would LOVE to see pics though maybe I might get one shipped over here Anyone got pics they can post up for me??