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  • Just been looking at your red xmas nails with the snowman. I see its an older picture, but I just wanted to say how lovely they are and how you've helped me decide how to do mine for xmas!! Thanks xxxxxx
    Thanks Wendy for your nice comments on my toe nail art..
    I have bitten the bullet and asked EZFLOW australia to send me a High Def test kit..
    I am getting the Clear, Sheer pink, cover pink, High Def white, 2 glitter powdes and 2 bottles on monomer...
    I am alittle confussed with the liquid.. one is primerless and one needs primer.... do you still use teh primer anyway?.
    I always used the CND acid free primer wtih my clients and when i ran out i didn't get anymore as the rentention plus is primerless ... but the girls in teh salon( hair dressers) are losing their nails left right and centre.. would this be the reason?...
    I also did my nails again as they were cracking on the sidewalls on my nail plate.. i think they were to thin and when i tried to get the side walls straight i filied all the products away and snapo straight across the nail plate... so i have thickened them up and used hot stuff ...
    i am thinking of adding pastal flowers to match my toes... you think it would be to much?...
    well i am off to work now... talk to you real soon
    Mel xxooxx
    Hi wendy,
    Thnaks for your comment on my "animal print" nails.. not a great attempt.. was trying to copy out of the geek gallery ... but people seemed to like them.. I wasn't happy with them.... they looked better in the photo than in real life.. i have added another photo of the rockymountain colour tips.. they are a little better.
    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks so much for your detailed reply.
    I think i have been over doing the "wet".. I guess i just need to practice lots and lots and i will get there.. helps when there are loverly people like you to help us newbies out.
    I hate my nail beds too.. they always end up red and marked because i hold the file the wrong way and I am always in a hurry... my fault i know..
    there are ezflow classes here in australia but they are in another state so it would cost me alot to attend,, but it is something that i would like to do in the next 12 months.
    i could look at your nails all day they are just beautiful... good on you for doing something about your nail biting X
    I tried the tiger print on my toes but it still didn't work so i ended up painting on the blach stripes and caping in clear.
    Thanks so much again.
    and thanks for letting me pick your brains
    X Mel
    Hi Talented talons,
    Just have to tell you how much i love you work. Would you , if you don't mind, give me some points on using ezflow. i usually use CND.. but the colours are so Fab with ezflow..
    i have tried to do the .. tiger print in gold and silver... failed....3d flowers..they were not to bad... but i was so frustrated.
    My base colours still seem to be see thru and when i am able to cover the tip they end up so thick.. what am i doing wrong.. I don;t want to give up... god knows i paid enough for the 2 kits.. earthstones and Gem stones collections.
    Also your nails beds are flawless... what do you use on them....

    Hey better still... can you do my nails!!! LOL
    Hiya, Just wondering- the Ezflow you use- is it a self levelling product? All of your nails look soooo flawlessly smooth!!! Is it very strong also? I am thinking of trying it but i tried another product 'Young Nails' once and my clients had ALOT of breakages so am worried to try new products now. I do my clients nails thin so they are more natural so I am always mindful of product being strong enough.. Thanks, Corrine :)
    Yes thanks for letting me know hun. It was worth a go eh? I'm waiting for some critique so I know what to do better next time if I can ever afford it lol xxx
    well done for enterong a photo didn't realise they were your ones.....the nails are fab hun welldone but the first thing you notice is boobs lol think it may have taken the focus off the nails....keep enter tho because your nails are fab xx
    Loving all of your nail art pix ... they're fab (no wonder you're username is talented talons!) :hug: xx
    l&p cnd and nsi but i also like sheba
    i like the clear powders i like doing nail art
    your welcome i would love to put up my pic's but dont
    have a dig cam to do ---- how are you good i hope
    thank u, thank u, thank u!!.... you got a fantastic colour there...very skin colouring is quite like that of the one in the pic so gonna have a try on myself.
    thanks again.
    Thanks for the message bout hubby tattoo's....yes we do have the same birthday,when they done it i put happy birthday on your hun...found out today someone else has the same birthday as ours !!! xx
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