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    Visors and face mask rules in England August 2020

    do you know if nail technicians need to wear both if I have a protective screen on my nail station?
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    GELeration French - purple

    Hi, I had this happen a couple of times too. One was because of denim jeans and the other was from a newspaper - it's definitely not what you have done
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    IBX repair query on flaking and splitting nails

    I also have a few clients that ibx isn't working on, and in fact a couple of clients are worse with ibx. I am thinking of offering the treatment free to those clients, as I want to continue using it just to see if it will work, eventually, and I feel bad taking the extra £5 every week. Does...
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    Callus peel

    Morning, I use Pro Linc Be Callus. I get it on ebay. It is a great treatment and very cost effective. You don't need to do a course, so long as you are qualified in pedicures. On my price list I have worded it TREATMENT INTENSIFIERS (Add to any feet service) £8.00 Breaks down calluses in...
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    Mother's Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all mummies - hope its a good one xxx
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    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all mummies - hope its a good one xxx
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    IBX Restore & Repair?

    Hi jemiimafox if you are getting 'little dots' after applying just to repair you should blot excess after heat and before cure but as Jim has confirmed don't cleanse and carry straight on with your next coat of ibx hope this helps
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    IBX Restore & Repair?

    Yes me too but I haven't been cleansing after that coat - does it make any difference - I really don't know!!! But it definitely doesn't say cleanse after that coat on Famous Names instructions or their own video. Maybe Linda or Jim can confirm this please.
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    IBX Restore & Repair?

    I think this is great but, correct me if I'm wrong, but on the instructions and also on the video it doesn't say to cleanse after you put the ibx repair just on the delamination or splits. I know you cleanse after the first application of repair and obviously after each ibx coats
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    Renting a beauty room out

    Hi Laura I rent a small room in a hairdressing salon, in Hertfordshire, and I also have a nail station in the salon - I pay £155 per week inc ,whether I am there or not. I pay my own insurance and am responsible for decorating the room when needed. Hope this is of help.
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    IBX Restore & Repair?

    Hi cleanse after repair (but don't cleanse if you are using repair on second coat on the delaminated or split nails) that is the only time you don't cleanse - I charge £10 for the first treatment and £5 thereafter and if they just want an IBX treatment on its own I charge £12 (with oil, hand...
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    IBX trouble with lamps?

    Me too. Exactly the same views - I bought an infrared lamp from ebay for £9.95 100watt bulb it is absolutely fine (although I think they have sold out) and I also used a hairdryer for the first two days before I received the lamp - my clients were fully acceptable of it and quite excited that...
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    IBX Restore & Repair?

    I'm not sure if it will work - but I have a client with a split down her thumbnail and I kept wrapping it without any joy then I decided to cut it as short as I could and put on a false tip with fibreglass over it and the split grew out - maybe it's worth a try, and then at this stage you could...
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    Your opinions on what this is?

    Just a thought has she been applying self tan??
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    Name for my deluxe mani and pedi special?

    Hi you're doing just fine!! I use Jessica and my luxury manicure I've named 'Ultimate Jessica Manicure' and my luxury Jessica pedicure is Jessica Zen Spa Luxury Pedicure and I also have an Ultimate Deluxe Treatment. Hope this is of help