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  • Hi Tammy,

    Im in london and wanted to know where you done your cousey and if it was any good and if you know a good place for me to do a course in hair extentions and a good price i should pay for the course. many thanks
    Hello Tammy,

    how much do you charge for hair extension course? what sort of courses do you teach as well please? thank you
    Hi Tammy, Ive just been having a read through the threads after searching for information on aftercare for hair extensions & read that you recommend Clynol. I was wondering if you could recommend where to buy it from too, a couple of the net shops I have found from google seem to only have stock of one or the other product!!! Hope you dont mind me asking, and any advice would greatly be appreciated :green:
    Thank you.x
    Hi,Tammy Wow Law ! what sort of Law does your Sols deal with ? it looks so complicated and yet is pretty simple to apply the rules , yet there are so many rules to study and apply :eek:
    it must be so frustrating when it comes to red tape , you wait clients moan
    then lost in translation sort of thing aaaaagh couldnt do with all of that earache :lol: lol
    It takes a very intelligent and special person to deal in law, (well done) :hug:
    Good Luck with your hair extensions and what makes you happy in your career x minky
    Hi Tammy
    I saw on a few thread some ppl recommended u to talk to about hair extension courses, im looking to do one and start a mobile business in new year, just wondered what course you had done, and how you started. I was looking and am most drawn to KM hair extesnsions training seems to be all good i have heard so far. Any help would be really appreciated plz! xxxx thanks holly
    HIya Tammy,
    I'm so pleased you got the message in time because I loved your threads - you write them so well and they made me laugh! I can't find them now - I searched the forum again! Help! I remember there was one about tanning your face and then removing hair from your top lip and there were some more? They were dead good. Can you tell me about them again? The piece is for Cosmo and it's got loads of funny stories from all over the country which is great but I really want to put yours in because it cracked me up. You get £10 Boots voucher or Book token for your time and Im happy to send you what I write so you can approve it. Do you have a piccie?
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