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  • hi ya...im so sorry i have only just seen your message.....im not sure what pic of french nails you have been looking at? point me in the right direction and i will try and help you lol xx
    Hi Tammy,

    I sent the recipe by email the other day. Check your spam as I sent someone something else via email and it went to their spam.

    The site for Konad is:

    Bridal tiaras | Wedding veils | Konad nail art

    Carol x
    Hiya! Sorry for rubbishness at replying to texts/e-mails... I don't like tempting fate but I've been super busy! The bookings just keep rolling in.... wont get too excited though, it could easily quiten down again! Pppl don't seem to mind the slowness too much it's seems.... I am still mega slow doing nails by the way. I still take up to 2 hrs to do take off and redo. I think I just chat too much and spend too much time faffing and perfecting!! How are things with you? How's the minx going down? xx
    Hi Tammy, i have just replied to your private message but i am not great on this site and not sure if i did it right :-$ Please let me know if you did not recieve it.Hope it helps xx
    I don't know if your sealer gel will work hun. I had no trouble with Cuccio Pronto. I scrubfreshed the Minx to ensure it was clean and then I applied my very thin base coat, my thicker layer & applied crystals then topcoated all with the same clear gel (as Cuccio say it can be used as a base, a builder and a top coat :wink2:).
    Hi Tammy,

    I would use at least 3mm crystals for toes as the 2mm are very tiny.

    I am pretty sure Jacqui responded to a thread on here as to how she applies them and the sizes she uses. If you can't find that thread, do a search on the main nail forum for crystal pedicure. I know there are loads of threads about them and good advice about how to set them and what sizes to use.
    I am sorry but I have no idea what size the crystals are that I have used in my pictures. They were something that I purchased, tried and hated!

    Carol x
    Hiya, only me! My email keep crashing, just wanted to say - good for sunday, looking forward to it! When do you want to come round - morning good? :)
    Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for your comment on my picture.

    I used Bio Sculpture Gel 2025 + Bio Purple Glitter (1 coat of each)
    Hi Tammy,

    I get mine from the official Dashing Diva site now but I got my original ones from ebay. Just a word of warning, some are described as Dashing Diva type but they are nothing like the proper ones!


    I use the French Wrap Plus - Thin.

    I use a company called 123 reg.
    Brought the domain name, then the instant site package and worked on it for hours!!
    It has really paid off though, I now just keep it updated.
    Tina x
    Hiya, I get mine from a local supplier, but they have the same ones in Sallys I think. They look like this: Redirect Notice

    Hope this helps?! :) xx
    I use blanc, 1 and 3 depending on which the client wants. 3 shrinks back alot on some clients I've found so haven't managed to do it in one curing like they say.
    Hi Tammy,

    I have replied to your comments on my photos but not sure if you get notification or not?

    Happy to try to answer any queries you have on stamping, stickers etc.

    Carol x
    It is tricky re the filing. Im reluctant to try without it now! So i get your point. Tho the grey buff file is really soft.
    Maybe I'll try without. It's reassuring to know that you've had success without doing it.
    Thanks 4 the tip re the video. Where abouts can I find that?
    Never touched on short nails during training. I kinda thought you didn't have to cap.
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