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  • Well the thing I have against buffing the nail is obviously it can cause damage, but also I have done many perfectly good sets that have lasted and lasted and that required no buffing, many geeks on here get good results without buffing and as we said, they tell you not to. So because I know it IS possible to get good results without buffing, I dont want to start and then feel like I have to rely on buffing which Bio is big against. I advertise as 'no buffing of the nn, no damage' etc etc...It's a toughie! Have you found better results with buffing then? With regards to capping, I cap every layer....and hard to explain with short nails, so I would recomment you have a look at Fingernail fixers video on shellac, I learnt a good techinque from her video on capping short nails...although it's a different system, it's still the same principle :) HTH X
    Oh god glad there are others out there lol! No I have never removed shine from the nails. I've always been told not too and that it's not needed. Do you? X
    Thanks for message Tammy, I will give it a go with S gel, I've been mixing with sealer gel so far, thanks for tip :o) I also get poor coverage with sprinkling/tapping it on and not sure about pressing in with the fingers... worried about the oils from my skin transferring?! Also, dead messy!! Will keep having practice with the different methods. With chrimbo round the corner there'll be plenty of glitter practice for us! x
    Hi Tammy,

    The pack of 10 glitters from Bio are £13.

    I have several glitters from craft shops etc and some work better than others. Bio glitters are good.


    Hi Tammy,
    The Handsdown Soak Off wraps are available from Amazon (approx £36 for 100 inc p&p) but I have a couple of friends that are going to America in the next few weeks so I have tasked them with finding some :-).
    The set of 10 I bought, I got from ebay. They came from America and cost me about £4.50 with postage.
    I have seen them on Amazon.com for approx £17 for 100!
    I have reused mine now 4 times and they are still going strong.
    I tried to make some with tech tape and also with compression bandage but the secret is a panel of plastic infront of the cotton wool which stops the cotton wool from drying out before it can penetrate the gel.
    I tried melolin plasters but with no success ;-(

    If you find them cheap and they deliver to the UK please let me know as I have shown these to my clients and they all want some.

    Carol (MrsP)
    Hya Hun,

    We got told to go right up to cuticle about 1/2mm away, and to use a cocktail or orange stick to wipe around the cuticle/side wall area stop the gel flooding the cuticle, as apparently the gel wont cure and will lift if it gets under there and touches the skin.

    We off loaded a 'ball' or a 'brushes worth of gel in to the middle of the nail and used it as a resevoir to go back and get some more on the tip of the brush and at a 45 degree angle gently follow the cutcile line as close as poss without touching to give you the nice neat line.

    Have I confused you more now? dont know if i explained very well :( xx
    I am sure you will love the course. Yes I am in UK- Cheshire, where are you based? xx
    Hi Hun, I have mani qualification from college, but no other nail experiance :) Its fab, the 1st day part Ive just done is really easy to pick up, guessing next week its going to get harder!

    I feel like picking all the colours Id have, but got to remember customers are not me lol.

    Good Luck hun, If I can help with anything just let me know xx
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