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    Refectocil tints stinging

    I have found this also. I have just come back from my holiday & for 4 days I really suffered, I had to use drops all the time, no make up & considered going to the Dr while abroad because it was awful :( Also a friend who I had also done her eyelashes was the same!:|
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    How to speed up gel polish service?

    When removing cuticle remover do u just use acetone, scrub fresh etc or do u wipe with a damp pad?
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    Cristrio nails?

    Hi, has anyone ever done a Christrio nail course & does anyone know much about them?
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    Itchy eyes after Lash Tint?

    No neither of us :/ After eyedrops to stop itching it clears up but the eyes are still sore from rubbing.
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    Itchy eyes after Lash Tint?

    I am not sure who it is, but I will check that someone else has done it if i haven't treated her before.
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    Itchy eyes after Lash Tint?

    Hi everyone, I have just come back from a holiday Of which I tinted my eyelashes before I went away, when I arrived there for the first 4 days my eyes were dreadful, I felt like i had grit all behind my eyelids & my lash line itched unbearably, hence it was awful as I could not wear ant eye make...
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    Nose hair!

    It certainly lol:)
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    Gel polish, opinions wanted please

    I use Gelish & Gelicure but I am thinking of changing to Bio Sculpture as it is far less drying on the nails & from what I have seen far out lasts any of the other Gels & goes on easier apparently : /
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    ** The Official ** Celebrity Big Brother thread

    I cannot stand Sophie with her Duck mouth & jealous & Fake nature:irked:
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    Need strong nail length?

    Can anyone give me some advice please??
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    Need strong nail length?

    Hi Geeks, I normally always have strong nail exstensions L & P, have had these for years, but I have been giving my nails a rest, however this weekend I want the length put back on for my holiday & I wondered about having Bio Sculpture? I am very heavy handed & I worry if they will...
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    Where to buy wholesale ladies clothes?

    Thank you Bannerpenguin, very helpful advice x
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    Where to buy wholesale ladies clothes?

    Thank you, are they in london?
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    Where to buy wholesale ladies clothes?

    I believe that is complicated tho isnt it getting involved with shipping etc isnt it?
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    Where to buy wholesale ladies clothes?

    Hi Fellow Geeks, I want to sell Modern ladies clothes in a spare room I have in my salon & I wondered if anyone can tell me where the best wholesalers are, I have been to commercial road in East london, but there must be more than just this one road! I live near Norwich NR17 area ( East...