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    Bondi Sands ultra dark

    I used it on my clients how have darker skin or those who take a good colour in the sun it’s fab but patching coming off
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    Bondi Sands professional tan advice

    Hey marzie where in Scotland are u ? Am also scotland am based in Motherwell Lanarkshire I am the exact same I only tan Thursday and Friday and at the moment I have inky returned evenings as I am not busy at all it’s very worrying I didn’t have anyone in at all last night and only have 4 for...
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    Bondi Sands professional tan advice

    Hey everyone I currently use Australian gold I love how it goes on smells and comes off it’s never patchy or scaly coming off , however I do need to add tanning drops into it to make it darker I now feel am spending a lot of money adding these drops and have been looking at another tan brand I...
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    Australian Gold!

    Hi everyone Iv heard lots of good things about Australian gold and am Really thinking about changing from fake bake to it but am struggling to find a supplier I contacted them direct but the lady wasn’t very helpful .. Iv heard they only do a basic aloe Vera based tan it’s about an 8% snd am...
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    Tanning solution help

    Thank you il have a look Iv heard lots about Australian gold but struggling to get much info from them
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    Tanning solution help

    looking for some advice iv been tanning for almost 12 years completely loyal to fake bake.... iv took almost a full year out away from tanning and now am going back to it this time shop based and not mobile anyway am looking to break away from fake bake I feel it was getting too orange can...