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    Hard gel overlay

    I tried posting a pic but the salongeek app keeps freezing on me. It could be my prep I'm only starting out with hard gel so im very concious of my timing But will take extra care with prep and see if it makes a difference x
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    Hard gel overlay

    Hi sorry yes it is gel polish I used but when I trained I was told to go straight to gel polish after the clear hard gel x
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    Hard gel overlay

    Hi all im trained in Gelish hard gel, I seem to be fine with the extensions but im having trouble with natural nail overlays, they seem to be popping off after a few days. This is my application: Push back cuticle Slightly buff nail Cleanse Ph bond Pro bond Apply hard gel File/buff 2× color...
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    Gelish pink

    Thank you will try pink smoothie xx
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    Gelish pink

    Hi all could anyone tell me what the closest gelish pink is to cnd cake pop please.
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    Gel extensions Ireland

    Hi all I want to train in gel extensions I'm already trained in gel polish, I'm torn between Nail harmony and Astonishing nails. Any recommendations much appreciate ....
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    Astonishing Nails

    Hi all I'm just wondering has anyone trained with astonishing nails in Ireland? I'm already trained in cnd shellac but want to do gel nails and this is the closest course to me, any feedback much appreciated xx
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    Hi I see you are using perfect match the pics of the nails are lovely, im using gelosophy base...

    Hi I see you are using perfect match the pics of the nails are lovely, im using gelosophy base coat and top coat with perfect match but they seem to be chipping on the free edge :-(, do u have any tips on application thank you xx
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    Help with Shellac

    Hi all I have been doing cnd shellac nails since I completed my course in August, two people have come back to me this week their shellac were chipped and fading not even lasting a day, I use all cnd products step by step and cnd uv lamp, any suggestions what could be happening?? I was confident...
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    CND lamp

    Yea its with Olga I can't wait, I ordered the uv lamp with the kit but im hoping ill be able to change it to led, ill give ye a call tomorrow. Thanks
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    CND lamp

    Good thanks so much for the help
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    CND lamp

    Im doing it in Co.Clare, im definitely getting a cnd lamp but wondering if I should invest in the led lamp?
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    CND lamp

    Hi all I'm just starting off as a nail technician, Im using ibd gel polish at the moment so I have a 36w uv lamp. I'm doing the cnd training next month so not sure whether to buy the uv or the new led lamp for shellac, also would gelish cure with my uv lamp? Sorry for all the questions but just...