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    Does anyone on here use Minetan? I’ve just started experimenting with it....I was disappointed with the Extreme...(not dark enough) and I know you can mix them together...was wondering what one to mix it with to compliment it? Thanks.
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    What does everyone think about fake bake being sold out?

    I agree with Baggybear, there are alot of threads on here of late about FB. Do yourself a favour and either use another solution or bring a second solution in. Changing solution did my business the world of good and my clients love and much prefer them to FB and I used it for 4 years!
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    Help! No trial before wedding?

    I only do brides with a trial! Has she had your solution before? She could be allergic? Plus she doesn't know how her tan will turn out? Its crazy! Don't pressurize yourself if your not happy refuse to do it. I always say to people its the biggest day of there lives and its not a treatment you...
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    Sienna x diaster

    Oh! Don't beat yourself up! You made a mistake, no damage was done and you now know to do it inside your tent! Put it behind you and happy tanning :biggrin:
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    Spray tan contour (help needed from scratch)

    I've just seen in my capital mag that Sunless do a body contouring and shading techniques course! But if Steve says its pretty much a waste of time I'd listen to him as he knows his stuff! :biggrin:
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    Red heads pale skin and freckles

    I agree, 10% is probably too high for their skin type although I use Unreal which comes out a fab colour on my paler clients.
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    Competition spray tans

    That did make me chuckle!!!!
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    Competition spray tans

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    Competition spray tans

    Id like to think they used the professional wash off variety maybe on top of no so dark spray tan? Otherwise Oompa lumpa city!!!!! :biggrin:
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    Competition spray tans

    They are and then your offering a bespoke tanning service with your custom blends! ;)
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    Competition spray tans

    She is lucky she has the skin tone to wear it, she does look dark but not tangoed at all! I don't think I would stock a solution that high though, much better to custom blend it but thats just because I don't get much call for that kind of tan. Saying that I do have clients who sleep overnight...
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    Competition spray tans

    I have a client who enters fitness competitions, I use organics 12% and then add booster drops to make it about a 20% she loves it!
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    Express Tan ~ Which One?

    Me too and no I don't charge any extra !
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    Tans for a tenner :)

    I'd say go for it and charge the extra! ;)
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    Tans for a tenner :)

    Good on you! :biggrin: