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    Celebrity hair extensions

    Hay, I have celebrity hair extensions in at the moment and have been doing then in the salon for a while now. They are distributored by hair talk- i will see if i can get a uk number for you when i go into work. They are not cheap over here but i find them fantastic, the hair is european and...
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    It's time to become a hairdresser!

    Hay, I did a full time course over here which is good because you don’t need to go through the 1st year of being an expert cleaner (that gets reduced to about 6 months) As far as I know over here you wouldn't really get much work if you just learnt colouring. If you learn all of it you can...
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    Spa Hygiene

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where i can get regulations for Salon Spa Hygiene? I am doing an assignment for college and have to state regulations for cleaning spa baths, vichy showers & tables, floors, walls, normal showers and scoth hoses ;-( I cannot find anything anywhere. Hope someone can...
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    It's time to become a hairdresser!

    Hay, My only advice really is to research different training providers and decide which way you want to do it. How much money you want to spend is a big thing you really need to look at. I did the same thing however i studied my nail course in the uk and then decided to move to Australia and...
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    Hey sounds fun, I'm shattered had a full day then home to sudy, now off to bed ;) Love the sound...

    Hey sounds fun, I'm shattered had a full day then home to sudy, now off to bed ;) Love the sound of those nails though, i'm having a bit of an idea block at the mo. Have a great day X
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    Hay Hun, Just thought i'd pop by and say hi. Hope your all good x

    Hay Hun, Just thought i'd pop by and say hi. Hope your all good x
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    Hand file vs Drill

    They look fantastic, what drill bit do you use to drill the hole? :green:
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    To do or not to do?? Wet to Straight!

    This is exactly whay i thought and when i went to the hair expo in brisbane a couple of months ago there was a professional range that uses them!!! Now we have a new stylist in work who says that she thinks it wold be agood idea to get one in and i'm really worried we are going to be sending out...
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    P+W's with custom blend

    That is for a set of white tips with acrylic overlay, i haven't really offered the pink and white L+P because i haven't had anyone ask for them however i am really starting to dislike the look. Need to talk to my boss (who is in neither nail hair or beauty) about time frames and charges etc but...
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    To do or not to do?? Wet to Straight!

    Hi Geeks I just wanted some opinions on wet to straight irons. I was taught that they are extremely bad for your hair however don't know how factual this is? Thanks
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    Styling hair quickly...?

    Yep, use a getle mousse though so you dont end up with crispy hair, also doing lots of different plaits in your hair when it has just dried works brilliantly. try not to use your wet to straight irons too much hun as when i was taught, i was told that these can actually cause the moisture in...
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    Be Careful

    I really did not mean to offend or irritate anyone! It is just my preference and i would rather stick to the acid free primer i have been using. xx
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    Be Careful

    Having not used an acid primer and seeing the burns that it has caused (acidents do happen to the best of us) i would not like to use a product that could do that to me or my clients. Just my personal preference. When my friend gave up nails (2 weeks ago) she gave me a box of her products as...
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    Styling hair quickly...?

    A really good way of getting messy curls is to put mousse into it whilst it is damp (after your moisturiser) and to screw it up in about 5 sections( these sections do not have to be neat, just bits you have scrunched up), pin these into place and leave until dry (preferably whilst you are...
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    Be Careful

    OMG, hun i really hope you are feeling better. That is such an awful thing to happen :hug: Thank you so much for posting this as i had no idea that this ingredient did that, i have just been looking through all of my supplies and fortunatley the primer i use is acid free, however i checked the...