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  • I wrote on my own wall too, lol. Hope the week turns out to be nice and busy for you by Saturday xxx
    No I know, I am cooking them short beef, saute potatoes and veg, but can't face it myself.......hungry but don't know what to eat
    I made the kids Pizzas and a big fat nothing for me. Not sure what I fancy
    I had a good day in the salon yesterday after it started off as a quiet one. xx
    You are more than welcome, your post had me in stitches, exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my gallery photo. Vivacious Violet was the NG glitter btw.
    Hi Tonia,
    Yes, I still do & use Lash Perfect Lashes. I charge (& have for 6 years) £85 per set, £50 for half set & £25 per 30mins infils. They will go over pricing details on your course. I did my course when the company was called "lavish lashes" they were the first company to bring the lashes over here from the US, & at the time they recommended to charge min £85 - £150ish per set, so being in East London I went for & have stuck with the lowest rrp. However there are places now doing sets for £40+ - Hope that helps, enjoy your course. It is tricky/hard at first but with plenty of practise you soon pick it up! x
    It's not 'all' clients with thyroid issues BUT I have noticed it IS a common denominator on some. I have also noticed (from when I did gel only) that some don't get on with gel, but L&P sticks great. Good thing I know 3 systems, plus shellac... it helps. But yeah, some clients are pure torture when trying to get stuff to 'stick'. I've sent a letter to Doug asking his input. Why not 'subscribe' to the thread, I "think" (not sure) that you get emailed when there's a response?
    crossing fingers for you
    Thanks for the rep, glad you noticed the video as no one who posted after me seems to have noticed LOL
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