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  • First of all, thankyou for your order. I know you will love the products that you ordered. Thanks for the feedback too. Glad it all arrived ok.The freebies are supplied by the companies themselves, as they have listened to salons saying we don't want dodgy gift packs at xmas. Gift with purchase is so much better.
    Will find out who advised you on the phone and give them a pat on the back x
    Hi Teebster
    Thanks for you reply, I think I am worth what I charge but its nice to have people agree especially from the same area, I just got a little shaky when I found two website in the maidstone area charging £15 for shellac or minx fingers or toes!!
    I not interested in getting in a pricing war and definately wouldn't go to that extreme anyway but just wanted some other peoples opinion so once again thank you.
    H xx
    Hiya Teebster,

    Not been able to log into this website for so long! I forgot my password and couldn't remember it, finally been able to reset it !

    I have a training day on the 29/30 of November in Fleet in Hampshire. I've heard some good reviews about this trainer called 'Esther' she said she will go through everything with me at the end of the day so I know what to do. I've managed to get a free gel training day like the one I did in the Midlands. They could only offer me that. I also complained that my Top coat was going gloopy and old. And the Manager 'Kelly' said the product wouldn't be old and she wouldn't renew it basically. I emailed her again and she completely ignored my emails! so I thought how rude really !
    You're welcome for the rep. Its nice to get some good honest answers when you're new to the business. Its easy to get carried away and not think things through properly!!

    I'm thinking of keeping it to a mini solar oil and gift voucher for Jan/Feb. Might throw in some choccys for a couple of extra special clients but thats only 2 of them luckily!!!! :green:
    Bio does seem to help it stay on, I have just ordered the Lumos from SS so will let you how it goes when I try that with Minx. Apparently it give up to 4 day longer life..lets hope so.
    Glad to be of assistance. I like to advise everyone to help them and don't have any tie to any brand so when I say something is good it's because I really think that! Hope you love whichever colours you choose, I know you will love them! xxx
    If you ask on the Group I am sure CC Nails (Claudia) will help you, she knows so much about each colour. Watch there for the new colours as she will get them before us being in the States! xxx
    I am not big on the lighter colours and don't have the last 2 on your list. Ask on the Gelish Lovers Group and you will have mountains of advice! xxx
    I've replied to your pm, but I sent it before I'd finished it- I've got this new iPad & can't quite get used to writing in these little reply boxes with it!! I'm going to Cornwall for a week in the VW camper then a week on a farm on Exmoor, and you're right I probably will need another break a week aft getting back!! Xxx
    That's ok me dear!! I'm alright thanks, I'm packed at work, but that's because I'm off on two weeks holiday on the 25th September! I've put a little thank-you in the post today for the manual, I've been meaning to do it for weeks but the post office is never open when I'm not at work!! I hope you like it! How are you doing?
    Awh you're more than welcome... I thought your post was clear and very helpful x x
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