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  • Hey thanks for the rep, I've just had another person report back on the Clearzal working which is great.
    They were fab but I took them off as I am off on holiday in a few days and wanted to use some pro cut ones on tips under acrylic.
    Thanks for the picture comment im just loving the tnw at the moment but your right to many to chose from lol. xx
    eeeek!! Good luck with the bridal group, sounds like you'll be busy! I originally just used the full nail ones and cut the smile shape in, didnt realise what the procut ones were!!! Saves me lots of time now though!!! xx
    I havent put them under gel, just l&p. They last as long as the enhancements do. I have rebalanced a set on my own nails and had them on for 6 weeks, the thumb had a bit on the corner of the free edge where the design had started to lift of the tip at the end but they were ok otherwise. Toes have lasted 6 weeks quite nicely, i sometimes lose a little toe one on my own but i think thats just my hiddeous shaped little toe nails :irked: xxxx
    Thank you. :green: Have you not had much luck with them so far? I do prefer using the procut ones, they last so much better and on fingers the full nail ones can sometimes look a little thick, think it depends on the design :hug: xxxx
    How did you get on creating a MINX aftecare leaflet for your clients, I had thought of doing this as well but also wasn't sure how to word it
    Hey hun. It was absolutely lovely to chat to you today too! Lol, you are becoming such a nail and beauty guru! Thank you for EVERYTHING, I really and truly appreciate it! XXX
    Doing great Tonia business really busy xxx

    Great news about your holiday so glad he enjoyed himself, Center Parcs is meant to be wonderful we haven't been, we have a day at Alton Towers booked soon and then a week in Arran in Scotland which will be fab I am looking forward to it xxxxx
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