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  • Your welcome love,
    if you come across any problems when doing the pink toes let me know and i will try to help you out,
    don't pay silly prices for your glitter either, i get mine from craft stores and make up stalls in the market hth xxx
    Hi Hun
    Your welcome to look at the pics that's what they are there for,
    the pink toes are NSI clear gel with the pink glitter added,
    your skills will improve with time and experience love, it took me 8 months before i could do a smile line and i definitely still have days where i produce not so good nails, we are all forever learning new things,
    happy new year :hug:
    Hello! That's OK - we're in for new years eve as well! I have done IHm laying down, what I do is to do the upper back, back of arms, neck & back of scalp, then turn them over & do their face & front of scalp. That said, I usually do them seated with a table top face hole (the freestanding ones).

    As for undressing - I have done dressed IHM at promotional events, but the rest of the time I get them to remove their tops & use a towel. The DVD sounds a bit prudish!

    Enjoy your New Years Eve!!!
    It depends on the client and the nails tbh. I have several clients who use bio have a gel polish NNO as an lon-lasting alternative to polish, and I dont build an apex for them. But if nails are weak or extended then a littel extra strength is needed across the stress are, and thats where you build an apex. Press a naked nail at the very end and watch for a white area across the nail....thats the zone that needs thickening a bit for strength....basically an apex! I don't buff at all on a colour NNO....no need, just let the gel self-level nicely and finish with a nice glossy sealer layer. But usually a sculpt needs a bit of refining...you'll need less as time goes on. I promise for the first year my nails were rubbish! Practise really does help. Why don't you try putting pics up for critique? I know its scary but its an excellent learning tool....or I'll be happy to do it if you'd rather email me them rather than publicly post them?
    The real trick is never to let S-gel get too thick. It may be a little more expensive, but I only ever buy the 4 ml pots of S-gel. Its actually quite easy to build an apex...try the 'log' trick...just lay a log down the centre of the nail (thicker in zone 2) and smooth it to the sides. If it all goes a bit flat, turn the hand upside down for a moment or two....gravity is a big help! You'll get there! Xmas was good....hope yours was too! xx
    Hi again, I just recently starting learning to do Bio nails on other people in October; I was also qualified for a while but didn't get started for various reasons. So there has been lots of ups and downs and a steep learning curve. We don't have the assessment here in Canada yet--thank goodness, but I sure it will be coming. It sounds like we are about the same age going by your Bio. I love Chihuahua's as well. We have a Russian Blue kitty right now but what I really want one of these days is another long haired Chihuahua.
    My grandfather came to Toronto, Ontario from Leeds and my Grandmother from another part of the UK but I am not sure where. It looks a fascinating place to visit. It seems like the majority of people on here are from the UK, so that is interesting hearing some of the lingo.
    I am still trying to figure out how this site works--hopefully it will all make sense as time goes by. By the way, what happens when you add someone as a friend?
    Hi there. I am not sure what all this assessment stuff that is mentioned many times online is about--what country are you from? I do understand the frustration of dealing with practice people who do all sorts of stuff including not holding up to their end of the bargain by letting me know if they are having any issues and then they should up with nails that look like they had a sledgehammer taken to them.
    You only have to be CND trained to buy L&P or gel...the rest you can purchase on a secondary account! But look at training though as when i did mine, you paid for the kit, and the training came pretty much FOC!
    I use CND Spa Mani and Pedi and its lovely....its an excellent quality range and clients love it. The Bio range can be perceived as a bit functional as opposed to luxury IYKWIM
    I use it all the time no problem! Bio say not to, but thats only becasue they want you to buy theirs! lol! Hope you doing well xxx
    Hiya! I am going away for a few days but just wanted to wish you luck for your assessment on Thursday! Fingers crossed for you! xx
    Aww no worries at all I was just concerned that I came across as really rude instead of it bein g my opinion. Axiom is absolutely amazing and I have had the pleasure of being trained by him as well as him becoming a really good friend. He has never given me information which has been wrong and I trust him implicitly,what he doesn't know about Hot Wax really isn't worth knowing lol. Your tutor is probably teaching you correctly with the old generation of Hot Wax which is totally outdated now.

    The Whole Ball of Wax is an amazing reference tool and if you want to concentrate on being the best at waxing then it is a fantastic investment.

    hope this helps and good luck at college xxxx
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