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  • Hey sweetie - thank you for your e-mail - my husband just moans - its another hobbie or it is just another fad!!!
    I think i have come to the conclusion though that i can do this i will do this and i will enjoy every minute!!!

    You can always moan off to me
    Hi thanks so much for your message hun... its a tricky one here with pets i had to rehome mine with my friend... but know they are well and happy...miss them like crazy........ but lots of strays here so i would not chance thier health and welbeing......

    Good luck in what you choose..

    H x
    Hi Ali,
    Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the message. well done first on your education... CND is the best !!! also well done on greek lessons its a very hard language as you know...... i wish you where moving here sooner.. but hey u never know...lol.. im ideally looking fofr CND techs but we will see.... please keep in touch and if there is anything i can help you with please let me know...

    H x
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