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    Waxing phd

    I've used it for over a year now, I did have the Ellisons training, but so long as you allow the machine to heat up for at least 20 minutes on 10, then turn down to 7 or 8 then it's fine. And yes, the tea tree wax is very thick, stick to the honey wax.
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    Guinot Technispa

    Hi, has anyone got this in their salon, or used it (as a therapist). We're thinking about getting it and want honest therapist and salon owner evaluation, rather than the "sales talk" from the Guinot people. Thanx
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    hello Marley's Ghost, sorry haven't logged on for while, so didn't know you'd messaged me.

    hello Marley's Ghost, sorry haven't logged on for while, so didn't know you'd messaged me.
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    Galvanic Electrolysis hair removal

    Hi, there seems to be conflicting info (college tutor and books etc) so thought you guys may be able to help. I've read that for galvanic (not blend, just pure galvanic) electrolysis you shouldn't use an insulated needle - is that right, my tutor said it's OK to use, but the books say...
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    Waxing And Sticky Bits!

    I've just started working in a salon and the owner's suggested that the client not go figure of four, but just "roll" leg outwards, but still lying flat so that I do the outside of the hair, then client can help stretch her pubic mound area over and you can do the bit next to pubic mound, then...
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    thin, fine hair and perms, body perm & root perm

    Minky and Andy - thanx for your comments, lots to think about, as I'm so busy I'd just be washing and leaving it wavy, so think Minky might be right, I'm seeing my hairdresser in couple weeks so I'll ask her about it all. Like the idea of more volume and like that the solution can be gell so...
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    thin, fine hair and perms, body perm & root perm

    thanx for that, I may think about extensions, but at the moment am more interested in hearing about wave perms and root perms if anyone's any advice please. Cheers though. x
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    thin, fine hair and perms, body perm & root perm

    I have thin, fine shoulder length hair in a bob, and it's got no volume at all (I have to wash it and put rollers in every day to get any volume and then it drops out no matter what products I use), I'm thinking of having an acid body wave perm, would this give it body, and can I then have the...
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    Hopi Ear Candles

    I've just done a one day course, but they didn't explain anything about diagnosing the contents of the candles, just that they could be opened. Does anyone have any tips on how to diagnose the contents please.
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    Phd Safewax System

    Oh brilliant, thanx so much guys, am off to order it now! You guys are brilliant, so much support for eachother - amazing. As a student I'm really grateful for all your advice! love Teresa xxx
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    Phd Safewax System

    Hi there Has anyone used the Phd Safewax System, I'm thinking of buying it, but would like to know what you guys think please. Thanx guys.
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    facial massage medium for oily skin

    cheers guys, thanx loads. T xx
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    facial massage medium for oily skin

    thanx Mandy and Gillian, will check out with college tutor tonight and also read ingredients list, thanx again! Salon Geek guys are "well cool"
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    facial massage medium for oily skin

    ahhhh, thanx for that, I'll use the almond oil we have in college, do you have any tips for facial massage on oily skin, or is it just the same as other skin types with regard to massage. Thanx so much. xx
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    facial massage medium for oily skin

    Please can anyone advise me what massage medium to use when doing a facila on an oily skin, my friend's going to have a facial with me for one of my assessments and I've thought that maybe I shouldn't use oil, we have a massage cream in college, but that has some oil in, is that better?? thanx.