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  • Hiya

    Yes i still have the stones was thinking and would be able to post the stones. Was thinking £40 for the stones plus postage, let me know.

    Hi Teresa
    Thanks for replying,
    Would u be able to send me a picture of the bath please. My email address is mrssmillie@fsmail.net or my mobile number is 07872-929798
    Thank u
    Laura Smillie
    Hi there, yes I still do use environ. They have an opening account amount of £500 plus vat, and you have to do a 5 day training course with them before you can purchase as a stockist
    Hope that helps xx
    Thank you sweetie, I am home now but very, very sore!! It is good to be home though and on my laptop instead of my iphone!! Great news about your new Gelish client, there will be lots more where she came from. Gelish lovers is going great guns with around 4 or 5 new people joining every day in the last couple of weeks! xxxxx
    Hi teresac,
    good hearing from you.
    01888 563150 or PM me your addy and I will happily send you a sample to play with
    best regards
    Hi Teresa

    Have emailed you concerning the Salon Guinea Pig registration - have sorted it out for you (had to do some really advanced geekery to do that, as am currently in a room in a B&B in Wakefield as opposed to in the lounge next to Sonia connected to our wi-fi network)...

    It's Salon Guinea Pig - Find people for practising treatments, training courses, competitions, etc.

    Hope that helps :)
    Hi, I'm just north of Detroit. That would be great if you could visit your grandad!

    We have had a lot of snow in the past few weeks but I'm sure they've had way more 'up north'. Here's a link to a Presque Isle website you might be interested in:

    Presque Isle County, Michigan

    I hope you have a great time in the 'Wolverine State'! :hug:
    Hi Hun, got your e-mail. Yeh I still use Sparitual. Wouldn't use anything else now, I love it!
    NSI do little sample packets, cant remember how much they are, not expensive. They tend not to give out anything for nothing im afraid! What did you want to know, glad to help if I can. xxx
    Afternoon hun hope you had a good weekend xx
    I live to far away up in the wilds of Scotland so Excel is far to far for me.
    I am going to the Scottish Beauty Show in May it wasnt very good last year so fingers crossed it will be better this time xxx
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