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    Company name

    Well, for me I looked at what I was doing wrote a lot of words down, screwed up a lot of paper but it was during a talk with a client that I had my light bulb moment, It will come to you
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    The best spray tan?

    Hi I dont thinks its a case of the best Spray Tan BUT how you will become the best at spray tanning. I have been spraytanning since 2007 and have used various liquids available over this time. Spray tan liquids change their ingredients, therapists change their methods. YOU have to find your own...
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    Animal Testing | Estee Lauder, Avon and Mary Kay In Class Action Lawsuit

    Disgusting that this should still be going on in todays world. Shameful on the companies that are still trying to seduce the world into thinking they are cruelty free. I guess that they may have thought that as some of their products are animal free testing then they can endorse All their...
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    Spray tan not developing on chest

    Not prying or being rude but if you have breast implants that can sometimes hamper the tan imo, but try exfoliate lightly the area the night before dont apply any medications, creams, perfumes etc in the am or pm- just shower with lukewarm water and pat the area dry. if you are tanning...
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    What causes thick toenails

    Lots of things can affect thickening of the nails Obvious ones are trauma and footwear. Footwear because if you are running for example your toes can bang against the top of the trainer allowing the nail edge to open and bacteria to get into the nail. From my experience when people cut their...
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    Recommend a spray tan Swindon Wiltshire

    Hi im in Cirencester,around 12 miles
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    Opinions on my website

    Ditto On my pc, the font made my eyes hurt and I could just make out the dollar signs. I think maybe instead of black maybe a grey background with white. But on I love your pic-i would have put it in the right hand side though as I believe its where people will look first and see that your nails
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    Help! Dust mask advice needed!

    Hi I think as part of your ppe you should use a disposable surgical face mask with every client. Im sure you should be able to get them readily, its what I use when burring nails etc
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    Release of the big toenail?!

    Hi As you mention she wears high heels I would suggest she is prone to ingrowing toenails and by doing a procedure like you describe it would/should reduce the pressure, esp if it is lifted out as well, i ease ingrowing toenails and offer preventative treatment and advice BUT heels are heels...
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    Gelish pedicure for the first time!

    Hi As a pedicurist I ensure good cuticle work with no scraggly bits of skin and then brush away with a small brush all the bits youve removed, I do my heel work and then wipe over all nails ensuring I go into the corners of the nails and the tips, I also wipe and brush under the nail. Then apply...
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    Could this work for spray tanning?

    Heating could be some oil radiators which you could set on a timer maybe? I get in around 8.30 and they dont tend to get going until 11ish - so I have a small convector to take the nip out of the air. Another option would be is to insulate-put plasterboard up infront of insulation and then...
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    NVQ or VRQ

    My daughter is doing her vrq 3 at college - she is doing management and still doing clients in the college salon. She has already this academic year - undertaken some colour correction work and she has more to do. My understanding of this qualification is to ensure there is MORE practical...
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    Ask the next person a question game

    I would love to reach 105 years of age Which 1 song would you take with you on a deserted island and why
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    Seeking a true red

    Thanks for replies now sorted:lol:
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    Am I mad to have a big price increase in Jan/Feb?

    I personally think that a smaller increase may be a better compromise - and depending on the service your offering. Everyone is feeling the pinch in todays economic climate and from what I hear locally and people who work in different industries we are all just treading water at the moment...