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  • Just looking through geeks nails, and had to let you know how much I LOVE your nails, the stilleto's with the bugs are my favorate, I love the look of all the different layers, just fabby!! x
    Hi, yip i lurve Nail Art just never seem to master it!! Dont worry about not replying i am so amazed by so many of the girls NailArt on here i forget who i've left comments for haha. Thanks for the "Catherine Wong site" Im off to investigate xx
    hey hun your more than welcome....i havent been practicing long and only practice my acrylic tip & overlay about twice lol i was going to do the EN acrylic tip & overlay course but now ive applied for a VTCT level 2 nail services course through my local college which will start me off in the nail tech career then ill more than likely convert if the brands that they train us up in isnt all that great :) but i got a email saying ill be interviewed soon,so at least i know im getting an interview lol...i cant believe how good you are at nail art!! i like to see what other people do and how they do it...thanks for saying if i need any advice you'd help and also thanks for the website ill go check it out :)

    Hey Tess, I have not been here for so long) Anyway, late congratulations to the winner of 500.00 :)
    Hey there! I have been on alot lately. Met some great techs. Took a class called High road to education for 150.00 us in Ohio. It was non product specific. Which means you take what you want to work on and get your questions answered by master techs that love what they do. I learned sooooooo much! We had a quest from singapore named Catherine Wong! She is every bit as good as Sam Biddle! go to and Catherine Wong has a blog. I bought some N FU OH at the class and it is great. But you can do the same thing with any colored acrylic. She is a master artist. And a very lovely person! But the other educators were all great too! We all brought our products and our questions we needed answered, and of course all our bling! The first day was demos and questions. The next day we had 10 educators walking around and asking us if they could help us. The bigger the class the more educators they get to come. On the way home I cried cause I was so overwhelmed by the caring and sharing that went on those to days. I can't say enough about this experience.
    Oh, Tess, Been so busy! teaching beginning of week and doing my clients end of week. Still haven't had time. I saw your bit in Scratch mag. really good! Just need time to play and haven't chance to yet! I have held a basic nail art class which went very well. The flowers I would like to incorporate into an advanced class so will need to have a go Eh!? x x
    I am starting to plan my next entry in the nailympics, along with five children home from school I am very busy at the moment. How is it going for you.
    I think what has happened is I have added you as a friend and you have done the same so accept and it should be ok. xxx
    Thanks for writing back, I'll check out the website and see if they'll be in my area. I would love to know how to do those. A LONG time ago, Alicia Rimando did my nails at a class. I swear I stared at those nails forever trying to figure it out! Hope everything is well with you. BTW, since you liked Bachelor, are you watching Big Brother?
    It took me 2 months to do but I only knew about the comp for that long so if I had longer it would have been better. They could have been better. Thank you for the comment on the photo on my profile.
    Hi Tess, Have you used a brush on resin? Bit thinner than glue. Apply like fibre glass. Let me know how you get on x
    Hey Booke! I'm groovey, man! I am really excited cause I just signed up for the high road to education. It is a class that travels in the states. There is a group of 9 educators comming to a two day class. And a special quest artist from Singapore. She makes the most real looking roses you have ever seen.
    If you have'nt heard and you are interested go to: and click on forums,click on Nail tech, and look for HRTE cinncinatti,Ohio sept 7,8. It is a traveling class so There could be others you might be interested in.
    I was going to suggest the same as lana. have you tried gel bond from creative it's a thicker adhesive and fills in gaps.
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