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  • Hi Hun,

    Just wondered how you got on with the Gelez? How does it compare to Shellac? I have Ezflow everything else but I love Shellac and how easy it is too use, just wondered how Gelez compared? xx
    Hi there, just considering doing Shellac. Just saw yr page with prices and I'm terribly confused haha, doesn't take much. At the moment my regular luxury manicure which includes cuticles hand/arm massage heated mitts etc is £20, pedicure with heated bootees is £21. What do you think I should charge for Shellac? would heated mitts/bootees be ok to use with shellac also? I am adding shellac to my spray tanning leaflet - can I do shellac before spray tanning?

    Also sorry to be a pain, when doing french polish I always tidy my white lines with non acetone and a special brush to give it a professional look. Clients love it cos it looks like I am taking the time to make it look good. Can this still be done, as you have to cure nail with base coat, can I still use non acetone to do the tidying as it wouldn't affect base coat.
    Yeah i was thinking of having shellac done to see what i think. Just done my EZFlow gel course though so can't have it done for a couple of weeks. How are you doing with it? Is it popular? We don't really do that many nails-mainly just file and paints. How do you think it compares to something like 'gel it'?
    Oh god, i just re-read your first message and it said you had already had the wedding! Must be the heat-lol
    Glad you loved your tan. It's the best solution i've ever tried!
    Do you do shellac?
    Ah you should have said it was you! I do all the spray tans so it would have been me. Was she having a practice run or has she already got married?
    Hi, Yes I have been very "snap happy" with the photos of the Shellaced nails, I should have called it "The Shellac Gallery" xx
    Hey x Just read your post and wanted to leave you a wee visitor message. What a horrendous ordeal the last couple of years must have been. I'm sure 2010 will sore you to wherever you aim to be. Good luck. Hugs xx
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